It's always the same. When you read a job ad, everything sounds tempting. But when it comes to applying, you often get unsure whether you meet the requirements or not Company really keeps what it promises.

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The human as a product?

The job market is in principle a market like any other. A buyer decides for a product, which he is convinced at the time of the purchase decision that it offers a benefit or an advantage.

The main difference, however, is that the product is a person who is comfortable with his “buyer”. feel and wants to develop further. To do this, first of all Candidate as much as possible about his strengths, weaknesses, desires and ideas for the future. Here is a Conversation with acquaintances or external judges quite helpful (although it can sometimes be painful).

Used not for functions, but for the company

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They want a position that suits them as closely as possible. There are only a few companies like B. GORE, the Employees not for a function, but for that Company hire and after a processing time through different departments the employee Wahl left his job.

For all professional skeptics who believe that only specialists can really perfect theirs Tasks can fulfill: The company actually makes profits!

Superhuman requirements for job advertisements

Now many applicants from the often seemingly superhuman requirements in Jobs unsettled. As a "just to be on the safe side" the ideal applicant will have three diplomas and be ten years old Industries-Experience wanted with a maximum age of 30 years.

Job advertisements become even more exciting and creative when they are texted by an advertising agency rather than by the HR department. There should even be companies that advertise for purely publicity reasons - or invite applicants to gather information about the competition.

The seriousness of the employer

How can the applicant convince himself of the seriousness or quality of his "buyer"? There offers that Internet with its diverse research options, also in newspaper databases, a lot of information.

Genuine information is also obtained from the employees of the company - put yourself close to the regulars' table of company employees.

They offer a unique product!

Ask customers of the company based on your experience with your potential employer. When you have an appointment, go to your future one as well Workplace, talk to your future colleagues.

Above all, show them a natural one self-confidence, because you offer a unique product, don't you?

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