Wherever you click, all offers for further training for working as a social media manager reach us everywhere. What is one Further Training really worth it? What should one pay attention to? What career opportunities do you really have after that? And will not there be as many social media graduates as nail designers soon?

What Social Media Education Is Worth: Is Social Media the New Nageldesign?

The needle in the haystack

Actually, the further training market seems like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, all continuing education providers agree on one thing: you have to be active in Web 2.0 yourself in order to Further Training to be able to go through actively.

Who (yet) not at Facebook is, this as an absolute entry-level criterion for those interested must urgently make up for at least the greatest Network to be able to operate.

The appropriate training depends on the level of knowledge

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It seems all the more important to realistically assess one's own level of knowledge and, based on this, to compare the contents of the seminar: What use is a very good further training if I Basics miss?

However, anyone who dares to compare the training courses will fast see that not only the content is different, but that there is already a large number of special further training courses:

Social media continuing education in the niche

For example, the IST study institute relies on a special one Strategy. Here you will find next to a further education, which above all the needs of sports clubs and sports companies, another course that deals with the acquisition of new workers through the new media.

In addition, there is also a course on tourism (the third main focus of the IST). What is the difference between continuing education with and without focus?

Practice, practice, practice - or a bit of theory?

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In fact, the advanced training courses with a focus are much more practical than theCourses with a social media management training objective. This Objective is ensured not only by the lecturers, who all come from successful practice, but also by the demands of the participants:

I personally know a number of graduates of various further training courses who are quite successfully have started a company. That speaks for the quality of this training.

Point of view

However, it gets interesting when you ask about the future prospects: A subject-specific training can be found on the current job market, which is often still after the Study with focus Marketing / Communication asks to bring important points in comparison to competitors.

In fact, you should also look at the offered price here: There will always be providers who are more expensive than other providers. It is worth taking a closer look at the content.

selection criteria

Here are some examples,

Strategic focus is important

In view of the fact that the topic of strategy will become increasingly important in the coming months, every participant in such a further training course should ensure that he/she understands the details in detail steps towards the independent creation of social media strategies.

A further training course that mainly focuses on the function and use of social networks can serve as an entry point for the inexperienced. However, only those who know how to use the corporate identity of a company can really derive professional benefit from it Company can be successfully (!) transferred into digital reality.

Specific training improves one's own chances

At the end of the apprenticeship, however, a job doesn't necessarily work. The job market is not yet prepared for the new job profiles. As a rule, social media is seen as part of marketing and, from the point of view of the HR not infrequently a business degree as a decision criterion.

The rethink About the connection between course content and job requirements is just - if at all - rudimentary, so that the job search is very sluggish and often unnerving.

Graduation flood like in the Nageldesign

In general, you should be prepared to first on an independent basis to design some (varied) projects, before actually finding a permanent position.

Unfortunately, the competition is high. The already almost inflationary number of further training flushes a flood of People on the labor market - very similar to other trendy professions such as nail design.

Quality wins

In the end, however, the number of those who are really "well" familiar with the matter will not be as large as a first glance at the large number of different offers might lead one to believe. Quality will prevail.

An AlternativesTo set oneself apart from the mass of further training graduates, it can also be to complete a supplementary course of study. What are your opinions and experiences on social media training?

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