What Social Media Education Is Worth: Is Social Media the New Nageldesign?

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Wherever you click, all offers for further training for working as a social media manager reach us everywhere. What is one Further education really worth it? What should one pay attention to? What career opportunities do you really have after that? And will not there be as many social media graduates as nail designers soon?

social media manager

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Here writes for you:

Katharina A. Heder Katharina A. HederKatharina Heder is Digital Media Manager and Consultant.


The needle in the haystack

Actually the training market appears like the search for the needle in the haystack. However, all training providers are in agreement: inevitably, they must be actively active on the Web 2.0 in order to be able to actively pursue further training.

If you are not (yet) at Facebook, you have to make up for this as an absolute starter criterion for interested parties, in order to be able to serve at least the largest network.

The appropriate training depends on the level of knowledge

This makes it all the more important to assess your own level of knowledge realistically and to compare the content of the seminars. What is the advantage of a very good training course, if the basic principles are missing?

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However, if you dare to compare your training, you will quickly see that not only the content is different, but there are already a large number of special courses:

Social media continuing education in the niche

For example, the IST study institute is focusing on a particular strategy. In addition to training, which takes into account the needs of sports clubs and sports companies, this is a further course which focuses on the acquisition of new workers by the new media.

In addition, there is also a course on tourism (the third main focus of the IST). What is the difference between continuing education with and without focus?

Practice, practice, practice - or a bit of theory?

As a matter of fact, the main focus is on training with social media management. This goal is ensured not only by the instructors, who all come from the successful practice, but also by the entitlement of the participants:

So I personally know a number of graduates of continuing education courses who are quite successful Company have founded. That speaks in favor of the quality of this training.

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Point of view

It is, however, interesting to ask about the prospects for the future: A specific training can bring important points in comparison to competitors in the current labor market, which is often required after the studies with a focus on marketing / communication.

In fact, you should also look at the offered price here: There will always be providers who are more expensive than other providers. It is worth taking a closer look at the content.

selection criteria

Here are some examples,

  • For example, if it is important to have been audited by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK), it should always calculate a few Euros based on examination fees, etc., which will raise the actual training price. In general, one should expect around 1.000 € for a good seminar.
  • Many providers not only have new forms of teaching, such as blended learning systems, but also a wide range of qualifications for the most varied professional images in and with the new media.
  • SomeCourses place great emphasis on the independent elaboration of the content and others try to fundamentally the practice in theory. Depending on their own experience, and with a view to the later employment, every interested person should ask himself what is more important to him: whoever has a great practice should take a little more theory with him than those who already have books and seminars on the subject have passed through.

Strategic focus is important

Given that strategy is becoming more and more important in the coming months, every participant in such training should take care to be fully informed of the steps towards autonomous social media strategies.

A further education, which focuses mainly on the function and use of social networks, can serve as an entry point for the inexperienced. However, only those who really know how to transfer the corporate identity of a company into digital reality (!) Can really benefit from it.

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Specific training improves one's own chances

At the end of the training does not necessarily necessarily a job. The labor market has not yet been prepared for the new professional images. As a rule, social media is perceived as part of marketing, and from an employee perspective it is not unusual for an economic study to become a decisive criterion.

The rethinking of the relationship between study content and job requirements is currently - if ever - in approaches, so the job search is very slow and often unnerving.

Graduation flood like in the Nageldesign

In general, you should be prepared to first on an independent basis to design some (varied) projects, before actually finding a permanent position.

Because the competition is unfortunately high. The almost inflationary number of continuing education washes up a flood of people on the job market - much as in other trend occupations such as nail design.

Quality wins

In the end, however, the number of those who are really "well" familiar with the matter will not be as large as a first glance at the large number of different offers might lead one to believe. Quality will prevail.

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An alternative to distinguishing themselves from the mass of graduates may also be to go through a complementary study program. What are your opinions and experiences on social media development?

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  1. Valentin Spinola

    Thanks for the good presentation. It was indeed a pleasure to read that.

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  4. Simone Janson

    @Frau Heder & Mr. Salwiczek: I think you are both right. Their contradictory opinion springs from different experiences. Surely there are high-quality social media trainings as well as wild growth. And the fact that you are recommended at the Arge is perhaps not for so many ladies and gentlemen at the Arge, but not fundamentally against the training.
    Rather, one should think about how to introduce quality standards in this area, which enable the willing to continue to compare the offer better.

    On the other hand, at Social Media Week in September I discussed with 4 people working in this field. When asked if such a training makes sense, the answer was that the content of the training outdated faster than you have earned a degree - incidentally, a problem that this training is not alone - that reminds me of one Professorwho told me some time ago that he did not know what he should teach his journalism students:

    You see, I am a little torn there myself.

    • Katharina Heder

      Dear Fr. Janson,

      of course you are absolutely right. The question is, however, from my point of view rather, which requirements one can ask for such an education: There are indeed constant, which does not so soon become obsolete.

      As a general rule, those who learn basic skills in their education, such as the successful change of a perspective, will also benefit from it in their work.


  5. Martin Müsken

    Hello Mrs. Heder,

    In your contribution, in connection with the specific further training offers of the IST study institute, you raise the question “what is the difference between further training with and without a focus?”.

    For all who are interested, there is an information option: On the 27.02. we offer a free online live lecture with the topic "Sportbusiness - new media require new job profiles and qualifications".

    If you want to register for this, you can find the lecture in the “Sport & Management” tab on the overview page of all IST online information events: www.ist.de/online-live-veranstaltungen

    With best regards,

    Martin Müsken (IST-Studieninstitut)

    • Simone Janson

      Hello Mr. Müsken, thank you for the reference.

    • Katharina Heder

      Dear Mr. Müsken, unfortunately, I see your contribution so late. In fact, the emphasis is not always on sports, but also on tourism.

      This is exactly how you distinguish yourself from the market, as not only experts from the practice (I can tell Mario Leo only the best), but also specifically to the topic to be taught:

      Specifically, you can learn from the first day how to work later. In my everyday life, I often encounter more often that I have a different (more relaxed) perspective because I simply learned to change my own view.

      Unfortunately, this is not always the case when looking at the offers of larger operators.


  6. Martin Salwiczek

    Hello Mrs. Heder,

    They compare apples to pears. No question that the offer of social media training is now very large, but that's a good thing. Please name companies of any industry that would not benefit from employees who are familiar with social media. With all due respect to the nail designers, but I do not see the need quite so high. In addition, training as a social media manager does not imply that you will only be active as such. The responsibility of social media activities in many professions is a cross-cutting task to other activities, which require social skills in addition to other professional qualifications and often build on it. It is important to understand social media as a management task and implement accordingly.

    Whilst I agree with you, the quality of the training is to be high and practical. In addition to the content, you should also pay attention to the lecturers. Take a look at the lecturers of the corresponding training courses such as the Social Media Academy or the University of Applied Sciences in Cologne. They all come from the successful practice. We also have lecturers at the Social Media Manager IHK who have successfully implemented social media projects in NRW.

    Best regards,
    Martin Salwiczek

    • Katharina Antonia Heder

      Hello Mr. Salwiczek,

      the situation on the labor market is that social media is currently not often supported by trainees. This breaks down in the sense that there is an own professional image.

      The comparison with the nageldesigner is however a different circumstance: Where 10 years before the Arge a training as a nageldesignerin was recommended, there is today for the Social Media.

      Personally annoyed me in this case only one circumstance: The quality of the training market is just not comparable, but if we are not careful now, we have a similar problem such as in the insurance industry: poorly trained consultants sell products that they do not understand. When we look at one or the other company's appearance together, I think you'll understand that a lack of quality management will lead to a serious problem in the medium term. You mean that social media knowledgeable staff in the economy is important - I agree with this statement unreservedly: What helps but the large supply of education and training, if the majority still does not know how to build a community and social media really works.

      An example: Why do so many companies have only one Facebook appearance? Social media is now really more and I'm always surprised how little people know. For example, at a meeting, my seat neighbor said she did not know Facebook Insights. From my point of view, another proof that we do not need MASS at SoMeMas, but specialist, who does not necessarily have to come from the university, but understood that social media consists of communication and interaction.

    • Katharina Antonia Heder

      One further amendment:
      Specialist in 5 evening events against the background, stand out from the crowd
      to withdraw for 3.950 € Charges:

      That is why quality management is just so incredible

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