Efficiency is in ours Working world important, but when you take a closer look, it doesn't make them as productive as you might think. Because if you stick to your schedule and only ever do things that are worthwhile, you lose more life time than you actually gain. Time to dispel 3 myths.

When efficiency is unproductive - 3 myths: Lazy for better performance?

Myth 1: Getting up early makes you particularly productive

When I tell people that I voluntarily get up at 6 a.m. or even earlier in the morning, without an alarm clock, they often say “Oh, how enviable”. This is due to the fact that the attitude has now prevailed that Peoplewho get up before 6 a.m. are particularly productive.

As an outspoken morning person I can say: Of course you are early in the morning, when you have already done the most important thing before 9 clock all the calls start, especially productive. But for my part I am often tired at noon.

This is particularly detrimental when then some customers wanting something from one in the late afternoon. It is not uncommon for one to involuntarily put in a 12-14 hour day in this way. That's why I personally prefer to get up between 7 and 8 a.m. and start work - while the others are still driving to work, I'm usually already there in the home office - just to normal Office -times. Then you can be reached during normal working hours, but you don't work overtime. And because there is no need to drive to the office, you can sleep for a relatively long time.

Myth 2: Cleaning up is particularly productive

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Of course, it is better to work in a nice and tidy office. Still it should Order-Do not hold it for an end in itself - there is simply no such thing as the perfect system of order. Whoever tries to make it will fast get to the point where he or she realizes that he or she was doing even better before. Also, keep in mind that there are just different types, including the following extremes:

At first glance, the two groups have little in common. And yet they are more alike than many might think. Because if you take a closer look at why some people are so chaotic and ask questions, you will find that many chaotic people would actually like things to be clean, orderly and controlled. But because they think they wouldn't be able to do it anyway, or at all Anxiety If you have work ahead of you, just drop it.

Therefore, I consider the golden mean between exaggerated orderliness and chaos ideal. Which helps me personally to keep order: to keep as few things as possible or to always throw away all that is not important. And the regular visit of a cleaner.

Myth 3: Summarizing tasks helps to save time

A tip that Time management gladly given to be more efficient and productive: Easy Tasks summarize. Sounds logical, saves time - and yet I claim from my own experience that this sometimes even has the opposite effect Success .

As the? For example, if I have an appointment downtown, I tend to do several things at once so I don't have to drive back. So when I get the chance, I go straight to the post office, to the bank, to look for shoes, etc. Result: I then rushed through the area, completely stressed out, from the post office to the bank, from the bank to the shoe store. And the bad thing: I also seem restless during my appointment, because I have all the other things in the Head have that I still have to do. In the end I come home totally stressed out and therefore have less Lust, still productive something to work.

But it can also be different: If I do not always summarize all the tasks, I also have less to remember or write down. So I'm in the accomplishment of the individual tasks relaxed and quiet, my appointment, for example, runs better. And best of all, it's even more fun for me. As a result, when I get home, I'm in a better mood and much more productive at work. But I have to drive through the area more often - but that is worth my relaxation.

Conclusion: It is not always really more efficient to pack different tasks together - sometimes it is useful, to deliberately take unplanned action in order to become important Quality of life to obtain.

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