Especially when it comes to soft skills, there is always a demand for “something new”. Then the egg-laying Wollmichsau replaces itself with ultra-modern and creative word creations. It makes more sense than chasing new things to what extent basic concepts are really understood and applied.

PeterBrandl pilot speaker

Recently at the customer

It's only been a few days since I'm sitting with a potential one customers together and we talk about what I think is really relevant in communication psychology. I briefly describe my view of things and I also say what the most important points are that I convey to my participants.

And then she came again, this question: “But Mr. Brandl, everything is known. Isn't there anything new? ” And I answer as always: “But there are. But I'm not telling you that! At least not until you implement the basic concepts. ”

Ignorance or hoping for a miracle

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On the one hand we ignore all simple ones Solutions just because we already know them. On the other hand, we are looking for exactly these simple solutions.

Just now I get, for example, one of these wonderful invitations to a free webinar in which I am promised to get this success knowledge, the 99 percent of mankind remains hidden, and how I can then also in four simple steps to apply rich, happy and famous.

The great secret?

Super simple and above all completely new and nobody knows it! Man, man, man - why do we trip ourselves over and over again? Yes, there are simple recipes that do the Communication do better.

Yes, there are simple ones Strategiesthat actually lead to more Success being able to lead. Both have been known for centuries, so they are certainly not new. But both require something: You have to become active yourself and do something. Actually very simple and yet there seems to be a huge hurdle here.

What does communication psychology say?

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Let's take a simple example from communication psychology: everyone should by now clear be that communication always consists of a rational/cognitive and an emotional/intuitive part. Or to put it more simply: one Head– and an abdominal plane.

If you have already been in communication training in your life, then you also know what you need to answer if you are asked for the distribution of the content on these two levels. Correct: 80 / 20. At least 80% of all content runs on the abdomen plane, and a maximum of 20% is cognitive / rational. We know that. But do we believe it? And if we do, do we?

Why remain objective is not the solution

In my lectures I will drill down here, then no one will contradict the 80/20 premise, but even for those who unreservedly agree: where are the consequences? If we agree that 80% of the content takes place on an emotional basis, why do we continue to prepare almost exclusively for arguments? Why do statements keep coming up like "Let's keep it factual" or "It's about the matter" when we supposedly realize that this "thing" is at most 20%?

In fact, we should all have ours Energy spend to figure out how to affect the relationship level. But that's exactly what we don't do. But why?

We must change

Quite simply: we would have to change! we would have to to practice, try it out and we would have to risk that things might not go as usual right away. But that's exhausting.

And something else happens: if we would recognize these simple concepts as right, then we would have to ask ourselves at the same time why we did not act so far. We must stand up for the wrongdoing. And finally nobody wants that! Since it is much easier to ask for new, as complicated as possible techniques, which we then take note of in astonishment.

Importantly, these techniques are really complex. That gives us the opportunity to credibly assure that we would like to, but unfortunately we can't because they Technology is too complicated.

The principle is simple

An example: business management. How many books have been written on this subject? How many theses and models are in circulation? There are two very simple statements:

  1. You must spend more money than you spend.
  2. You should only do business that you understand.

I believe everyone would agree here, and yet: We split up into financial derivatives and planetary numbers. Best still occupied by any statistics.

Without base it goes wrong!

We are looking for new psychological concepts, so we do not have to worry about the basis. And exactly then it goes wrong.

Just because a Concept is simple and known; just because this concept has been around for a while; that is the only reason why it is not wrong. A Company must earn more than spend – actually that simple. And yet I have the feeling that many entrepreneurs or Executives and politicians on the very day in the Uni were missing when this principle was explained.

Knowledge or skills?

Don't be fooled by what you know or what you have heard before. Background and ability are absolutely not the same. We all know so much and above all we know so much better!

As a flight instructor, I could tell you quite a lot fast explain how to fly an airplane. Accelerate, climb, descend even how to use the flaps. I think after maybe 10 minutes I would have told you the most important things. You would know everything. And if you were lucky and an examiner was nearby, you could even be examined now. And probably after the exam the examiner would say: Yes, this man/these Ms. knows how to fly an airplane. But quite Honestly: I only get in if I'm allowed to sit in the front!

We always ask what we do!

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