A vast desert of harvested fields. Cary Grant gets out of a bus. He is supposed to meet here a mysterious agent from whom the audience knows long ago that they do not exist. Now he is standing there, at a lonely crossroads.

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Exciting as a Hitchcock movie

An Presentation could be as exciting as a Hitchcock film. A dramaturgy that creates an arc of suspense right from the start, suspense as it is called in technical jargon. Slides and language that support that tension as much as the dialogue, imagery and music do in Hitchcock's masterpieces.

And the listeners are already tied up, like the visitors of the cinemas or today the viewers late at night, when old Hitchcock films are repeated.

Anyone can present like Hitchkock!

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You don't need to be a director or an actor to use Hitchcock's techniques in presentations. Anyone can present like Hitchcock using the suspense, tension, or plot pointMethod knows and uses.

In fact, one of the causes of boredom is monotonous delivery. Unfortunately, a monotonous way of speaking with few facial expressions, gestures and eye contact is not exactly rare. The livelier a presenter speaks, the easier it is for Audience to follow.

It depends on the successful entry

On the other hand, excellent means for a good, exciting presentation are: Using imagery and effective rhetoric to create the right mental cinema.

Very important in a good captivating Rede is also a good start. Clarify details later, start with a scene that is as graphic as possible. Alfred Hitchcock, for example, makes us wait a full seven minutes in his film “The Invisible Third Party”.

Tension as a means of enthusiasm

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Seven minutes, in which he only shows us the vastness and desolation of the landscape. Without music. Only the sounds of passing cars and a spray plane in the distance can be heard.

Tension is relative light to use. You can also use the version of the television series, namely the change to another scene, in a targeted manner. Apple CEO Steve Jobs likes to do this. He announces a new product, but doesn't reveal more than the name.

Use suspense for the lecture

You can also use this slowly increasing tension in the film for presentations. With exciting presentations you bind the awareness of your listeners and encourage you to think along and think ahead.

Why is Hitchcock keeping us in suspense for so long? Because this creates tension. Tension is a form of tension that works with delay. You know that from almost every film. The easiest way to work with series. There will be a scene until just before a decision played.

Delays as a means of rhetoric

Then cut and switch to another scene, so we still have to wait. This method, however, has the disadvantage that we are in the new scene shortly afterwards and the previous one have long forgotten when the change happens again.

Hitchcock's delay takes place in the same scene instead. This is the unusual, especially in this case because it takes so long. You can also easily use Tension in your presentation. Thus, a slightly longer speech pause can already generate this voltage.

Use pauses specifically when talking

For example, if you stretch the colon in the following sentence with a long pause. “In around 150 years of cinema history, a name is always the first to be mentioned when it comes to suspense: Alfred Hitchcock!” The longer you “endure” the break, the greater the tension.

Instead of a pause in speaking, you can also use a SALE create that tension moment. Before you come out with your news, go to the flip chart and write or draw what you just announced. The audience must already be waiting for your news. The slower you draw or write, the higher the voltage level rises.

Let the audience wait

Only at the moment when the Solution becomes apparent, turn to the audience and now also speak the solution. If the answer is 635.000, write it slowly from the end, starting with the zeros. Just before you write down the number 6, say the number. Try it, it works Funto keep the audience waiting.

Instead of showing it to curious fans and journalists, however, he first explains how successfully the history of the previous product was. Or how uninteresting they are ideas appeared to him that had previously been on the market. Only after this short excursion does he finally show the novelty. The applause is him for sure.

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