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Quality content in journalism can no longer be financed - such a common one Opinions. But there are Alternatives. Crowdfunding for example.

Must make money hurt?

Quality in journalism is dead. Many editors believe that readers are not interested in it. And certainly not for elaborate reports, for example for Eastern Europe. “Especially if we do that Money in the Hand have to take,” was the reaction of a German daily newspaper to this, according to the Freischreiber journalists’ association Projects, with which three journalists now prove the opposite. The SALE also shows the conditions under which readers are willing to pay for good reports.

I have to admit that for a long time I belonged to the faction that believed that beautiful and interesting content could not be paid for to earn. For example, because readers in the Internet just after fast search for valuable information. Or maybe the German attitude “earning money has to hurt” was unconsciously behind it.

After all, I dared to start an international reportage project. More out of personal pleasure than out of conviction that you have found the great business idea. Supported by various sponsors, I have been reporting on job profiles, business and marketing ideas worldwide for over a year.

Readers like what the author likes

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What I didn't expect at all, but which makes me all the happier: the thing is going down well. The reports from all over Welt are liked, tweeted, plushed and commented on - and especially from abroad.

And what I notice more and more: the readers like exactly such texts, to which I also have a strong emotional connection. Apparently, you notice it to the texts when I am with pleasure. Or if I am particularly upset about a topic.

Success is unpredictable

That changed my worldview. And shows that Success ultimately completely unpredictable. The reports from all over the world are becoming more and more my unique selling proposition. He spurs me on to find even more exciting and interesting stories for my readers. And it helps me get new sponsors – and more advertisers.

All the more I am pleased, even if other journalists are not deterred by the common doctrines from the editorial offices - and take their research into their own hands: With the action Facingeurope.

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Crowdfunding for research in Eastern Europe

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Facing Europe – that's six journalists from three nations. for a month travel them in September in two teams through Romania and Bulgaria. They want to find out what has changed since the two countries joined the EU in 2007.

They report daily on their blog and on Twitter what has changed in the last few years since joining the EU - in addition to common clichés - and ask questions, among other things Boy Conservationists, wood thieves and artists.

The project will be financed by crowdfunding - and still up to the 20.08.2012. And the premium selection and approval of the readers shows very well, under which conditions such a project can work - which exactly confirms my observation.

Crowdfunding numbers under the magnifying glass

Readers crowdfund primarily for rewards that they have an emotional connection to: Trash postcards, for example, what funny ones Idea, for 25 euros, with 14 supporters the most used bonus. Closely followed by a personal souvenir for 50 euros or a personal photo.

The Dankeschön package for 100 Euro or the personal slide show for 300 Euro is also available to customers.

What is not interested at all, however, are the Business– and advertising bonuses such as a workshop on mobile travel journalism, a business logo or even premium sponsorship for 1.000 euros.

Readers want emotional identification

My thesis after this little analysis and from personal experience: Readers are interested in well-told stories about People. But what interests her is the personal, emotional bond with the people in the story and the opportunity to identify with them.

The story must somehow provide the reader with an emotional connection. If the reader is offered that, so can the Financing function.

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