Meetings and Teambuilding is particularly exciting when combined with extravagant outdoor offerings. You can even meet Angela Merkel – or at least an Olympic champion.

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1. Days with Angela Merkel and Olympic champions: Inzell and its ice sports arena

Only two driving hours east of Munich lies with Inzell a very interesting location for meetings and conferences: The CSU held here in the world-famous ice-arena from their party congress and time and again meet here Olympic champion as coming from Inzell Anni Friesinger Training.


Days where Olympians train

Inzell owns one of the most important speed skating rinks in Germany and speed skating Olympic champions like Gunda Niemann, Annie Friesinger or Claudia Pechstein have trained here or are still to be found here today.

The Max Aicher Arena not only has an 400 m long artificial ice rink, but also has a capacity of 5200 seats on the auditorium platforms, also fit once again 3000 people in the middle.


Angela Merkel and Co

In this way the Max-Aicher Arena is used not only for ice sport events, but also for other events. For example, Junge Union 2014 hosted its Germany Day with Angela Merkel, and SAT1 has also made various events here. 2019 will be the Taekwando championship here.


At such events, the ice rink is defrosted and built in the middle of a large grandstand. However, the hall has one disadvantage: It can be heated to a maximum of 19 degrees Celsisus - therefore it is not suitable for group sizes under 1.000 persons.


Accommodation of all kinds

For smaller groups in Inzell a gym as well as various seminar hotels with appropriate equipment are available, such as the Heißenhof. The Chiemgauerhof or the Bavarian court. Guests can stay overnight in one of the 1900 hotel or pension rooms, as well as 2800 holiday apartments and a modern campsite with 80 terraced pitches.

We were accommodated, for example, in the small, but very cozy Pension Egger, which has eight double and two single rooms. It is also possible in a small place like Inzell to spread larger groups over several houses and there are also some 5 star accommodations.


Eating and Drinking

For example, the restaurant Metzberei Hirschbichler is ideal for the catering of groups up to 77 persons: Owner Hubert Hirschbichler was formerly an active ice speed skier and carried 1972 the Olympic torch to Munich, today the son and daughter are not only both butchers, but also in the speed skating -National team.

Also highly recommended is the Forsthaus Adlgaß: With a very nice beer garden in a scenic location and above all with a convincing Concept Organic and regional cuisine, even attracts guests who come from Munich.



Inzell is, of course, an excellent place for a variety of activities: for example, hikes on the forest trail up to the Frillensee. Or, quite without gradients, on the Moorlehrpfad as well as the calorie trail.

More than 2000 km of cycle paths invite you to cycle in the region Chiemgau, Berchtesgaden and Salzburger Land for comfortable and demanding cycling. Since 2006 Inzell DSV Nordic Active Center. In addition to hiking trails, three signposted Nordic Walking routes of varying degrees of difficulty can be run.


Inzell as a winter destination

Naturally, Inzell invites you to take part in many activities, such as cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding. However, Inzell is not a classic winter sports destination and therefore offers a lot of variety without snow - including numerous opportunities for teambuilding activities.

For example, with the Badepark Inzell, a very beautiful natural swimming pool and an indoor pool as well as the Soccerpark Inzell, according to their own statements Germany's largest football golf system , in which the players have to master an oversized mini-golf course with soccer balls. For a great deal Fun The tire slide system on the Kesselalm also takes care of that. Overall, Inzell is a great location that offers a lot of variety.

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2. Destination report Kastellaun, Hunsrück: Adrenaline kicks for management training and recruiting

A thirst for adventure and an adrenaline rush: management training in the flight simulator of a Boeing 737-800, a high ropes course and a 350-meter long suspension bridge over an 100 meter deep gorge - all this and more is provided by the Hunsrück. That even attracted Federal Minister Jula Klöckner.

Best of HR –®

Outdoor and adventure

You can already feel the adrenalin in your blood when you see it for the first time: in the middle of the Hunsrück hovers the suspension bridge Geierlay, built on the model of Nepalese suspension rope bridges, in a hundred meters above a densely forested Bachtal between the villages Mörsdorf and Sosberg.

The 360 ​​meter long bridge was named “Geierlay” in an open citizens' competition. Geierlay is the name of an old parcel over which the bridge leads, among other things. The view from the bridge and, above all, the feeling of having made it over safely are indescribable.

Best of HR –®

Adrenalin rush on the suspension bridge

Because you have to be a little brave if you want to conquer it completely. It can wobble a bit, especially when there is a lot of activity. But the impression is deceptive: the bridge weighs around 50 tons, which corresponds to around 600 people with an average weight of 80 kg.

The bridge, which hangs from four 40 mm thick suspension ropes, is covered with a 6 cm thick coating of local Douglas fir and was realized by the experienced Swiss specialist CrestaGeo.

Best of HR –®


Incidentally, you have 700 meters of opportunity to get in the mood for the experience: That's how long the path from the parking lot in Mörsdorf to the bridge is. In Mörsdorf there is also a visitor center with restaurants and toilets, the municipality of Mörsdorf charges moderate parking fees to cover the running Costs.

The costs of around 1,2 million euros were largely financed with 700.000 Euro subsidies from the state of Rhineland-Palatinate and the European funding program LEADER. Around 100.000 Euro come from the surrounding communities and the Verbandsgemeinde Kastellaun. The remaining costs are borne by the municipality of Mörsdorf.

The 5 best outdoor locations for team building: With Angela Merkel & Olympic champions in the Alps & Arctic {Reader's travel tip}

The bridge construction

The Planning of the bridge structure was in the hands of the engineer Hans Pfaffen, who had already implemented a number of such structures in the Swiss Alps, but none of this size. Construction took 130 days. Incidentally, a visitor center was set up in the town of Mörsdorf, which houses an information terminal and a restaurant.

I've wanted to go here since it opened on October 3, 2015. Unfortunately, Mörsdorf is not yet fully connected to public transport, which is why a visit was only possible as part of a press trip. In general, the Hunsrück is still a bit in the tourist slumber.

Best of HR –®

Internationally known film epic: “Heimat” by Edgar Reitz

The region is little known in Germany - “Hunsrück, where is that?” I hear more often. In doing so, filmmaker Edgar Reitz has created a cinematic monument with “Heimat”: that epic television series in three seasons, each with six parts of two hours each.

It began in the 80s and reached its peak in 2013 in the multi-award-winning feature film “The Other Home”. The series also caused a lot internationally awareness , but this has hardly had an impact on tourism.

The 5 best outdoor locations for team building: With Angela Merkel & Olympic champions in the Alps & Arctic {Reader's travel tip}

Hiking in the Hunsrück

Nevertheless, the Hunsrück has a lot to offer: hiking, for example, can be excellently enjoyed in narrow, rocky gorges, dense forests and on sunny high plateaus. The 13 KM long dream loop Masdascher Burgherrenweg has just been turned into the most beautiful hiking trail in Germany by 24.000 hikers.

The Geierlay Bridge is also to be found on various hiking trails, linked to the stages 19 (Blankenrath-Mittelstrimmig-Mörsdorf) and 20 (Mörsdorf - Kastellaun) of the premium long-distance hiking trail Saar-Hunsrück-Steigs, which runs on 410 kilometers of Perl on the Mosel, Trier and Boppard on the Rhine connects.

Best of HR –®

Medieval Town: Kastellaun

Positive I was surprised by Kastellaun: The town and castle were first mentioned in documents as early as the 13th century. Today, slate, quarry stone and half-timbering characterize the beautiful old town. The medieval castle ruins rise up on a steep cliff in the middle of the town centre.

The oldest building is the Protestant church, it was built between 1318 and 1353 / 54 and was preserved during the destruction of Kastellaun in the Palatinate War of Succession 1689. Particularly worth seeing in the church are the stone carved grave slabs, reminiscent of the Sponheim Count Simon II, his wife and one of their sons.

Best of HR –®

Mix of tradition and modernity

After all, the history of the Jewish community with its own cemetery and the synagogue dating back to 1938 is exciting. The well-known linguist Heinrich Friedrich Zimmer (1851-1910) comes from Kastellaun.

The castle town also offers an interesting mix of tradition and modernity, for example the museum and cafe in Haus Maull, a building from 1755. The museum Original furniture, objects and curious objects from the everyday history of the city, brought together by committed citizens.

Best of HR –®


The original coffee shop offers vegan and regional cuisine with home-baked breads and freshly made spreads. Thumbs up for this modern gastronomy concept.

Highly recommended is the Old City Gate, which offers a very nice ambience with its historic building. Among the soups, fish and Fleichgerischte, regional cuisine and vegetarian food should actually find the right dish. By the way, the catacombs in the cellar, which also served as shelter bunkers during World War II, are worth seeing.

Best of HR –®

Conference hotel with adrenalin kick

Back to the adrenaline rush. The BurgstadtHotel is included: The 59-room hotel, 24 of which are single rooms, is the ideal point of contact for adventurous conferences, team building and management training.

And not just because of the nearby Geierlay Bridge or the impressive high-ceiling garden, which is almost directly behind the house.

Best of HR –®

Management training in the flight simulator

In addition to the four meeting rooms to the most modern Technology and capacities of up to 72 people, the BurgStadt-Hotel offers something quite unique: a flight simulation center with a Boeing 737 including a full-scale passenger cabin with 24 seats and a check-in counter as well as a Cessna 172 simulator.

With his company iTakeOff flight simulation, hotel manager Heiko Stemmler, himself a pilot and qualified engineer, has a wide variety of offers for companies: such as team building, management seminars, Recruiting-Test, fear of flying seminars, flight dinner as an incentive and much more. Even Julia Klöckner, Federal Minister for Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, and Lisa Fitz have already been here.

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3. Destination report Engelberg and Titilis: team building on the glacier and in the igloo

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Engelberg is a manageable place at an altitude of 1000 meters in the Swiss canton of Obwalden, which, in addition to a newly crowned world champion in slopestyle, also has original locations to offer - from monasteries to igloo villages at 2000 meters above sea level.

Engelberg-Titlis 011

What makes Engelberg attractive for team building with 280 people?

During my stay, I am allowed to accompany a Swiss company to the Ristis, one of the Engelberg peaks: Once a year, Swiss and international companies gather Employees, 280 in number, for a three-day meeting and team building event. This is where meetings and celebrations take place - and, like this morning, all sorts of things happen on the Ristis Tasks solved. My condition: no names, no photos.

Engelberg may be just a small town in the Swiss Alps, but it sits at the head of two railway lines. It is also popular for its many restaurants, Shops and other businesses open all year round. There are also many hotels, hostels and B&Bs.

Engelberg-Titlis 018

More than just having fun and having fun: the purpose of team building

But why do companies now hold such team building events? In recent years, the concept of team building has been revolutionized by the digital age and is now part of the Strategy of each Company. It is no longer enough to provide team members with a place to meet and discuss projects, but to create a framework in which they can work together in creative and effective ways. Building a team is not easy on a checklist check off, but is a process with many extremely important aspects to consider.

Organizer of the team building activity is Outventure and they have all sorts of fun activities ready: Melkschemel curling. Collectively build an igloo. Or yodelling. And everyone is excited about it. The event, the organizer tells me, would take place mainly because of the logistics in Engelberg: good accessibility from Zurich Airport and good accommodation for a group of this size, which had booked several hotels exclusive.

Engelberg-Titlis 005
Engelberg-Titlis 004

Engelberg as a MICE location

The fact that there are only two 4 star hotels in the area, and 3 star hotels in the first place, only disturbs the fact that the employees have to be accommodated in different categories. Otherwise there is the policy that no 5 star hotels may be used at corporate events - because of the external impact.

Another reason is the committed MICETeam von Engelberg, which actually has many other exciting activities ready: For example, horse-drawn carriage rides in the middle of winter, an ice grotto and Europe's highest suspension bridge at 3000 meters on the Titlis. Or the SnowX-Park, where you can drive around with self-made electric snowmobiles like on a cart track - from 2 francs per minute, for groups of 5 people or more, 650 francs per hour.

Engelberg-Titlis 015

Meetings in the igloo

Right next to it, at the Trübsee station with 2000 meters altitude, lies one of the highlights, the igloo village. Every year, from Christmas to Easter, it is open to 60 people, with sleeping quarters made up of ice beds, mattresses, skins and sleeping bags - this should be warm and comfortable despite the 0 indoor temperature. Only the walk to the toilet is uncomfortable, there is no shower, but two hot tubs. One night costs from 159 francs per night per person.

Engelberg-Titlis 023

However, it's one of the most original meeting venues I've seen so far: the so-called event and church igloo (used for weddings) has theater seating 60, with tables for up to 40 people. The first hour costs 400 francs, the second 200. And correspondingly less with a longer service life. Due to the cold, however, it is recommended not to take a seminar longer than 2 hours - or you can interrupt this for a warm snowshoe hike.

Also the seminar equipment is only rudimentary: electricity is provided, WLAN does not exist, but the mobile radio should function well. Beamer and screen can be provided on request. The high prices with at the same time only limited comfort explain itself by the extreme conditions: Every year the igloo has to be rebuilt and then constantly repaired. For this, I am told, snow must be produced and procured in great masses, which is not cheap.

Engelberg-Titlis 020
Engelberg-Titlis 021

Historic Buildings

Engelberg still has other exciting locations, such as the 1902-built Kursaal, which can be used for events up to 500 people and has a screen that takes the entire stage. Or the Benedictine monastery of Engelberg, founded in the 12. Century, the present construction comes from the 18. Century and has the largest organ in Switzerland with 9000 pipes between 8 mm and 9 meters.

The monastery houses 21 monks and a private school, an important source of income for the monastery, and there are also comfortably furnished single and double rooms for guests as well as various seminar rooms - such as the large ballroom where up to 17 people can meet or have one Workshop room, which was lined in the 100er years by a dedicated monk with inlays.

Engelberg-Titlis 008
Engelberg-Titlis 009


The technical equipment, beamer, screens and also Wi-Fi, are available - the latter but not aware in the rooms. However, the monastery does not accept every seminar group:

These must fit the house and, for example, also adhere to the monks' meal times and prayer times. Various banks, UBS or the universities of Lucerne, Basel, Friburg or Bern are among those customers. The monastery occasionally offers weekend retreats, but I'm told it doesn't have the staff for that.

Engelberg-Titlis 007
Engelberg-Titlis 006

Gastronomy and hotels

Directly in the monastery is also the Schaukäserei Kloster Engelberg, where groups can see up to 20 persons and can also try out how to make your own cheese.

Apart from that, I was not quite as convinced of the gastronomy and the hotel industry: most of the houses are, as already described, 3 star-houses and inside and outside a little old-fashioned. Only next year is to be built by a Chinese investor in 5 star house.

Engelberg Titlis
Engelberg-Titlis 010

Hotel Schweizerhof

The Hotel Schweizerhof (38 room), for example, is architecturally beautiful and has a nice lobby and a cozy restaurant, as well as a seminar room, as well as a small sauna with a gym.

The rooms are however more functional than stylish and also the quality of the food is in many cheaper 3 star house better, however, there were fresh ingredients and good bread.

Engelberg-Titlis 013
Engelberg-Titlis 012

Dining in the ski lodge

Something better, was the food in the cozy ski hut stand on the Titlis, which shines by its own salad creations and offers country-typical salad creations.

Overall, Engelberg has its weaknesses, but is definitely recommended as a MICE location, especially because of the MICE team.

Engelberg-Titlis 016
Engelberg-Titlis 017

4. Meetings in Corsica: adventure and team building

Corsica is original, somewhat inaccessible in places and therefore quite adventurous. Therefore, it forms the ideal setting for team building events - albeit in terms of Organization to adapt to the southern European mentality.


Outdoor and teambuilding destination

Thousands of tourists come to the island every summer, but unlike other Mediterranean islands, there are hardly any hotel burghs here. On the other hand, Corsica is ideally suited for teambuilding activities due to its mountainous landscape and outdoor activities.

However, if you expect a perfectly timed offer German style, which is wrong. The Corsicans have a very Mediterranean attitude, that's the charm of the island, but you have to get involved.


Accommodation at the campsite

Campsites are suitable for cheap accommodation for larger groups, some of which are equipped with comfortable cabins - they can also be found right on the beach or in the middle of the wonderful landscape. I took a closer look at three places of the provider HomeAir.

HomeAir offers not only pitches, but different variations of accommodation, among them the cheap but modern and comfortably equipped mobile homes with kitchen, small terrace and up to eight sleeping places.

The prices start from 16 Euro per night for a parking space in the Nebnsaison and then go up depending on the comfort class. In the lodges and houses the prices start from about 34 Euro per night and person. Group prices should be negotiated individually. The restaurants can be used as meeting rooms, the technical equipment varies.


Le Kallisté

The 2012 opened Camping Village Le Kallisté is located near the small town of Saint Florent in the north-west of the island. It offers a maximum of 300 accommodation, from mobile homes, pitches for tents and camper as well as safarzelte, so-called Superlodges.

A small path leads to the bay of Saint Florent with a small beach that does not reach the beautiful sandy beaches in the south of the island. Also, the good 1 KM distant downtown of Saint Florent can be easily reached on foot. This is also the big plus, the small, rather contemplative camping village.


Equipment and service

A downside is the service. The WLAN quality, for example, is rather modest, the WLAN, which one has to purchase by daily or hour cards, works only in the main house, but not in the mobile homes.

The reception on the other hand has comparatively limited opening hours from 9 to 18 o'clock. The fitting of mobile homes with toilet paper did not work smoothly in our case either. For the technical equipment at meetings you should therefore rather care for yourself.


Boating Adventure

An adventure in itself, especially in high waves, is the boat trip to the beach of Saleccia. The shipping company Le Popeye offers them with speedboats, with which one rushes at high speed over the water - even in heavy seas. The camera and the like you should rather pack away.

The beach of Saleccia belongs to the agrarian desert, the largest coastal area of ​​Corsica with an area of ​​15000 ha wild sea shore.


Wine tastings

The Domaine de Leccia is located in Poghju d'Oletta for all types of wine. Owner and winemaker Annette Leccia manages an 13 ha large wine area here.

The Family Leccia has lived from wine culture since 1900, the wine is organically grown.


Star restaurant in the mountains

An product is the Corsican restaurant A Casa di Anghjulu. It is run by the owners Antoine et Jean-Pierre Clementi in a 200-year-old building and towers over the mountain village of Poggio d'Oletta - including a great view from the terrace.

The dishes on offer are seasonal and come from neighboring growers and farmers, and the restaurant also offers its own production of white, rosé and red wines (Le Clos Clementi). Executive is the star chef Gérard Magnan.

A quite unusual restaurant and therefore highly recommended is the Campo di Monte, one of the most renowned restaurants on the island. It is located in the mountains of the village of Murato, also here with very beautiful views of the Bay of Saint Florent.


Highly recommended with an adventurous approach

The quite secluded property has been used as a farm since about 1600 and accordingly the atmosphere of the old stone house is very rustic. The garden, on the other hand, offers the possibility to be used as a very exceptional event location for up to 70 people. The place in the house is rather limited. Another problem: the ride up to the mountain over a serpentine path is an adventure. You should probably have a local driver.


However, the journey is worth it: the rustic atmosphere is less like in a restaurant than "like at mother's". Owner Pauline Julliard cooks and serves herself and alone. She offers homemade, authentic Corsican cuisine with products from her own production - and she practically stacks the plates on top of each other on the table and serves the soup for groups in the tureen instead of individually - brilliant Idea, in order to keep the costs low: The really extensive 5-course menu, including an aperitif and wine, costs €55/person.


Directly by the sea: Camping village Marina d'Erba Rossa

In the south of the island, in Ghisonaccia, directly on a splendid sandy beach, is the Marina d'Erba Rossa Camping Village, one of the largest camping sites on the island with space for up to 3000 people. Unfortunately, the campsite is always full summer. Various services, animations, concerts and an animal park are offered to the guests. Marina d'Erba Rossa also has a spa with massages, body and facial treatments as well as an outdoor hairdressing salon.


On the large square not only pitches for tents and mobile homes, but also wooden huts with terrace for 4-6 persons as well as Leichtbungalows with private area for 2-6 persons are offered. The food is good and partly typical Corsican, but no special delicacy.

The large dining room can be used as a meeting room, but this has to be planned well in advance, especially in the high season. Beamer, screen and audio technology are available. The WiFi connection works here clear better than in saint florent. Marina d'Erba Rossa is primarily a starting point for all sea activities, such as sailing, surfing, kiting, diving or sea kayaking - provided the weather and wind are right.


With ecological demands: Camping Village Sole di Sari

The village of Sole di Sari, which is situated not far from Solenzara, is open for group activities. It is located 2010 km from the sea by the river and on the way to the Bavella mountains, whose highest point is Punta Alta with 5m. Sole di Sari has more ecologically demanding and more modern than the other camping sites. The Premium Cottages, for example, are located on stilts and promise a quieter and more exclusive atmosphere, as well as houses with sustainable eco-standards.

Sole de Sari is a good starting point for all kinds of teambuilding activities such as kayaking, rafting and swimming along the river or mountain biking, hiking and climbing tours of different levels of difficulty in the Bavella massif.


5. Tromsø, Norway: Meetings and team building in the Arctic

Tromsø, also known as Paris of the North, has little in common with the French capital and, despite or even because of the miserable weather, boasts a new design hotel - and the opportunity to show the mysterious northern lights to 400 people at the same time.


With BMW China on Northern Light Hunting

Ivar Haugen, one of the Founder from Tromso Safari. "We just don't see it when it's light or cloudy," he says, adding, "The trick is that you have to know from the wind where the cloud cover is going to break up and from the measurements you can see where the Northern Lights are to be expected.”

According to Haugen, he has 20 years of experience in the Northern Lights hunt. "You know what's important," he says. BMW employees came from China for this purpose, and Volkswagen has soon announced itself from Germany.


USP in the Arctic

The northern lights are the important USP for the region in the dark winter - it is located in the middle of the northern light belt only about 2000 kilometers from the North Pole, further north than Iceland or Alaska on a parallel with Greenland. Thanks to the Gulf Stream, however, it is much warmer here, the average temperatures are around -4 degrees Celsius. There are now 26 companies in the city that offer Northern Lights observation.

The starting point for each Northern Lights hunt are four base stations, which are equipped with Sami tents and from which the group can go if necessary fast can be taken to the Northern Lights spot. Buses are chartered for this. Up to 400 People At the same time you can enjoy the spectacle of nature - even if it will probably be a bit hectic.


Teambuilding in the Sami-Tipi

But there are also numerous other activities on offer here - Tromsø Safari sees itself as a Network for a variety of providers.

For example, as a team building measure, groups can set up a Sami tipi together and then eat local food together by the fire, such as rentir and salmon wraps. Another competition is to learn traditional Sami hunting techniques to practice – such as throwing a lasso or shooting with a bow and arrow. Biathlon competitions are also possible.

Other potential activities include kayaking, rock climbing, snowmobile or RIB boat tours, glacier or snowshoeing. It is also possible to take the cabin train to the mountain Fjellheisen. There is a restaurant for up to 130 people available, which can also be rented for meetings.



Dog sled tours and whale watching

Also popular in winter are dog sled tours - the largest Huskie farms in the area have up to 300 sled dogs.

We visit the former seal hunter Thormod Schuoll Erickson on his fishing boat, which had chartered the day before Microsoft. With whale watching, there is room for up to 70 people, and team-building trips in which groups collect fish together and eat together afterwards, but fewer people should be scheduled.


The largest city in Northern Norway

Tromsø is the capital of Troms County and Tromsø Municipality and stretches from the Arctic Ocean in the east to the mountains and glaciers in the west and the long fjord in the south. The Tromsø region also has a Soviet history, which is hardly noticed today.

But the city also plays an important role in modern Norway. Originally a city that emerged as a result of gas and oil production, Tromsø is now a business location and university city. With around 70.000 inhabitants and over 10.000 students, Tromsø is the second largest city in Norway and the sixth largest in the country. It is also the northernmost city in all of Europe.

Tromso North Norwegen007

Hot spot and university location

Here in the north it is considered to be one of the hot spots, among other things the Norwegian trade union leaders were meeting here at the time of my stay, Microsoft, BMW and Volkswagen were also there. Tromsø was once a sleepy city, but today it has a vibrant, modern city center. One of the most popular attractions in the city is the Tromsø Science Center.

Meeting rooms of all kinds are not only offered by the hotels, but also by the hotel founded in 1968 University, which is the fourth largest in Norway and also offers numerous meeting rooms and event locations.

Tromso North Norwegen008
Tromso North Norwegen003

Golf as an extreme sport

A good 35 minutes' drive from Tromsø is the world's northernmost 18-hole golf course Welt. 72 players can play here at the same time. Due to the weather and light conditions, golf can definitely be practiced as an extreme sport here: The golf course is only open from mid-May to mid-October, but 24 hours a day. Up to 5000 people use it each season.

The city is framed by fjords and snow-covered glaciers - a breathtaking landscape, even in bad weather. "In general, the weather is something that you have to take calmly and come to terms with," explains Ivar Haugen. "If you get into a snowstorm on a bus with 200 people, you have to wait and see."

Tromso North Norwegen004

Unusual events

The weather leads to a few curious incidents: every winter in the middle of the city there is a reindeer race, where the participants of the skies can be pulled by the animals. In June, there is a Midnight Sun Marathon.

Every January, there is an international film festival, as well as a Nordern Lights Festival with classical music. And the next big event will be the chess game, to which most Tromsø hotels have already been booked.

Tromso North Norwegen010


However, the space constraint is not limited to the activities where the groups can be divided, but due to the hotel's capacity: 4000 beds are already available in the city, further 1000 are planned. For large conferences it is therefore necessary to have one or two years in advance.

The Clairon Hotel The Edge, which just opened on May 1st, has the largest capacities with 290 rooms and space for up to 600 people. The triangular hotel running towards the harbor was designed by architect Niels Torp and by the Danish architectOffice Schmidt Hammer Lassen.

Tromso North Norwegen005
Tromso North Norwegen009

Meeting rooms and equipment

The hotel has eleven meeting rooms, three of which are compatible with a large room for up to 1000 persons. Also the hotel is equipped with all technical refinements.

From projectors and various screens to audio technology, mixing consoles, microphones and loudspeakers to sophisticated lighting technology and even fog machines. All variations of PCs and laptops can also be taken care of, and VGA-HDMI splitters are no problem.

Tromso Northern Norway
Tromso North Norwegen006

The food

The restaurant at Clairon The Edge is the Kitchen and Table, an open-kitchen concept by the Swedish master chef Marcus Samuelsson, who lives in New York and runs various similar restaurants.

It combines American and Scandinavian cuisine. What comes out of it are local specialties, such as mussels or reindeer, but haute cuisine is in vain. Also the breakfast is excellent, traditionally adapted to the climate with lots of fish and local products like Elchsalami.

Tromso North Norwegen001
Tromso North Norwegen002

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