Most People usually have little time. Even when you gather around your Lecture or listening to your presentation. Therefore: Save your listeners time and mental work with a well-structured Rede.

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Why lectures should be well structured

You know that yourself: You are sitting in a lecture, but your thoughts wander off. Not infrequently, because the speaker has poorly structured and worked through his lecture and unnecessarily wastes the energy of his listeners and thus their time.

It will then every time clear, which is worth a well-structured speech. One that gets to the point and does not digress into ramblings and sidelines. Because our Brain is designed to make it easier for us to follow a post if we have a Order recognize in it.

Order and structure make listening easier

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A recognizable order is therefore important: from the first to the tenth module, from the small to the large, from the unimportant to the important, from the theory, for example, from the beginning to the end, from the past to the Future:

The Audience can then easily follow the speech if it has the impression of a good and reasonable person Structure to follow. But why is that?

Structure saves energy when listening

The simple answer to this question is: here will Energy saved while listening. In addition, the predictability increases the good feeling of the Control: The listener always knows where he is and what to expect next. A good stylistic device: the three-step.

The triple step has a rhythmic and melodious effect and creates concise and catchy messages. Reinforce with increases If we increase, it's like turning the main switch that controls the intensity of the emotions controls.

Climax and anti-climax

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Increases from the small to the big (Klimax), when we want to arouse emotions, and from the big to the small (anti-climax), if we want to dampen emotions.

Facts that speak for you or your thesis make you “big” - that means you dedicate time to them, you visualize them, compare them with something bigger, stage them elaborately. This rhetorical principle is called amplification.

Boost and talk

Facts that speak against you make them “small”. You either do not respond to them at all or you neglect them, you put them into perspective, in no way visualize them, do not pack them rhetorically. Think about the side effects in TV advertising for medicines!

You can also increase by accumulation. In this way, we can make complicated or abstract things more comprehensible, since we offer many perspectives on a topic through paraphrases. So every listener can Perspektive choose the one that is most accessible to him.

4 stylistic device for exaggeration and increase

The content can also be enriched with exaggerations and increases. Some styling:

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