Block doubts and fears. Only if we face them can we dissolve them and grow as a personality. Because it's not the things or events that make us Anxiety make, but the one assigned to them Significance.

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Fear paralyzes

For many, it is ubiquitous: fear of what might come or come. Concrete fear of illness or unemployment.

diffuse fears. Doubt about not being able to achieve something that you would like to achieve. The fear of failure is paralyzing. Most of the time it's missing Courageto face those feelings.

Why we know it, but do not

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Actually, we already know how we like ours Set reachable. We actually know that it is not enough to wait and hope that everything will get better at some point. Actually! But what is preventing us from finally doing what we want?

Know how to tick

The reason lies in human nature. It is important to understand how and why we do something when we do it.

The better we know how we tick, the easier it is for us to find ourselves and to develop our full potential. The more we understand how and why People act out of their nature, the more compassion and understanding we will develop towards ourselves and also for our fellow human beings.

Three mechanisms

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1. Despite fear become active

What prevents us from living our dream, becoming active, doing our best? We know exactly what would be the right thing to do, but we don't do it - out of fear. Fear often blocks us a lot sustained. It cannot simply be eliminated.

Yet we can learn to fear checkto deal with it and not sit paralyzed like the rabbit in front of the snake. If you want to be successful, you have to have the courage to get to the next level, to take the next step, to take action despite the fear.

2. Determine the quality of life itself

Every event in our life ordnen we assign a certain meaning - depending on how we evaluate it, how we deal with it, how we process it. Our view of the World and our values ​​play an important role in this. Once a meaning has settled, it forms Pattern out that out emotions exists, which in turn are linked to meanings.

This individual emotions pattern determines the quality of our lives. In spite of the basic typologies, we can influence this: through our inner and outer attitude, the conscious concentration on the positive and another evaluation. Rain and storm can spoil us the day, but also offer the possibility to experience it positively positively, by letting it lie down on the couch or blow the wind once again around the nose.

3. To meet your own needs

Every day we are driven to get things done and Tasks to meet our primary needs. It doesn't matter where we come from. It does not matter which Job we exercise. Although each of us unique is, the primary needs are always the same: security, challenge, love, Sinn, growth, contribution to the general public.

Despite different characteristics and weighting, the satisfaction of basic needs decides whether we ourselves are happy or unhappy feel. It influences how we behave towards our fellow human beings. Whether we confident go through life or behave in a rather anxious manner.

The fear of the rabbit

Like the rabbit, we sometimes feel as if we are staring at the snake (our fear) - unable to move or do anything about it.

"You don't have to be afraid of that!" "I mustn't be afraid anymore!"

Neither attempts to calm others down nor self-pacification are of any use. It doesn't change how we feel, much less ours Behavior.

Consider the snake as a friend

However, if we consider the “snake” as a friend, there is one behind our fears positive Intention. Fear wants to protect us from hurt, from failure or loss.

Your friend's fear

So we say thank you to our fear and go the step anyway. The step we know unconsciously that he is the right one.

The more we deal with our new friend, find out why he looks the way he looks, what qualities he has, what he can do, the less scary he becomes for us. We awaken our courage, live our potential and finally take the next important step towards success.

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