You probably already know that certain personalities attract you and others scare you off. But you should not always follow this impulse if you do Team want to strengthen.


Who do you need in your team?

Because the Peoplethat you are attracted to feel, are not necessarily the ones you need on your team. As long as you die Pattern If you haven't understood, you can't see who you need in your environment.

In fact, the people with whom you want to spend the least time can be the ones you need most to balance your features so you do not have to concentrate on them.

The patterns of interaction

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As we immerse ourselves deeper in the patterns that take place at each interaction, you will begin to understand why the colleague who is annoying you would be the ideal candidate for certain projects.

And you will also see to what extent there is a common thread between different ways of fascinating all the different people in your life.

Detect multi-dimensional possibilities

Sometimes it is easier to see the patterns if you understand them from someone other than yourself. Let us pause for a minute and put on the 3D glasses of the "benefits of fascination".

Consider people you already know and you might gain a new one Perspektive on how you are seen by these people.

To each pot its lid

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Go in Head the list of your most important contacts. Think of your clients and customers, your clients and colleagues.

Think about how you see them. Think about why you see these people in a certain way and how that shapes your overall impression of their value.

Which team member has which role?

Think about your colleagues. There is probably someone who comes to the room with a dynamic smile, or someone else who is serious and reserved.

Of these two personalities, one may be your favorite buddy for a quick lunch, while another is your “bank” for emergencies.

Everyone has other advantages

You value the two in different ways, for different reasons, and more or less depending on different circumstances. In the same way you have one Effect at your colleagues every time you say something.

You may impress some and anger others for exactly the same reason. A trait that is an asset in one scenario may be an asset in another fast become a disadvantage.

Your ideal customer

If you are an entrepreneur, you should think about your ideal client. If you judge them, and also those who are your biggest fans, who understand and appreciate what you do, and who willingly reward you for continuing to do your best ... how would you describe this type of person?

Is it, for example, people who think in large contexts and are enthusiastically involved in brainstorming? Or are they more pronounced analytical and require detailed reports?

Employees who realize their full potential

If you are a manager, think of yours Employees. There is the employee who every day with a careful checklist starts, but quickly gets nervous when things change.

And then there's the one who does not seem to get in the way until the deadline threatens to approach, but then miraculously presents the madness idea. How can you structure your workflow and environment to help each employee reach his or her full potential?

How do you strengthen your team?

The different character traits of your employees should help you to see this as a catalog that shows you the various benefits that you can add to your team or which you can show in the existing team. Keep your best employees by helping them to strengthen their merits.

If you have conversations with Candidates lead, you should not only be guided by whether the chemistry between you is right from the first moment, or how the person looks “on paper”.

What makes a good executive?

Good Executives know that everyone on their team is most likely to “win” when the circumstances are such that he or she can use his or her assets most effectively. Good leaders create these conditions as often as possible.

If you're a leader (and who isn't at any level?), you will Success when you help everyone on your team focus on their merits rather than enforcing a “better” culture. The more you can help your employees focus on work that allows them to take advantage of your benefits, the more productive and fulfilling they will be.

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