Many Seller prefer to see themselves as experts or technicians in sales rather than blatant salespeople. And yet they are expected to be active sell. 7 tips from behaviorists.

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Is selling just indecent?

From an emotional point of view, selling is like jumping in at the deep end, which is anything but pleasant: because most people do People feel extremely uncomfortable when swimming in it. The task of salespeople is often to sell products that they themselves may not like at all. The ideal situation is that you stand behind the product wholeheartedly.

Many sellers prefer to see themselves in the Consulting and development of Solutions! Cold calling, brr, no, many sales experts find it pushy. To them, selling a service or product is like peddling and Handling. With psycho tricks customers to talk something up is unacceptable. In short: They feel that selling is indecent! Science has long since investigated what exactly happens emotionally.

Customers: gone or gone?

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Every human has Anxiety being rejected by others. Only experience is the end of fear! Man is a highly developed mammal and functions on the basis of emotions. Emotions are decision about how that Brain classifies certain situations, persons, objects and opinions.

There are two basic directions “towards something” and “away from something”. As soon as people enter into a communicative relationship with one another, so-called Spiegelneurons simulate the emotional state of the interlocutor. The interpretation of the spoken content then takes place within this given framework.

Sell ​​- Lead without permission?

However, most people - without proper routine in sales - have a natural inhibition to lead other people to something as well as to be rejected.

The reason for this lies in the fact that the human being has stood on the development level of a huntsman and collector several 10.000 years ago. At this time, it would have been more than unhealthy to want to lead foreigners without a hundred percent permission from the state.

7 Tips: Overcome fear of rejection

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But social rejection would also entail significant disadvantages such as loss of status or group exclusion. In order to prevent this potentially dangerous subject, every human being is equipped with an inhibiting mechanism.

This mechanism is always active when people are not absolutely committed to their leadership role for sure imagine We can experience an example of this every time we meet new people. The interaction is then usually accompanied by a polite inhibition, which certainly looks a little different for each person. The following 8 tips will help.

1. When anxiety determines the body language

Selling, contrary to all the precautions of nature, usually means strangers in immediately Guide to go. However, those who are not used to this, in view of this critical situation, will react with the emotion of fear and experience behavioral inhibition.

The emotion of fear then determines the framework of his body language and vocal expression as well as his thoughts. If the sales situation does not yet exist immediately, i.e. the salesperson still has to approach the customer either by telephone or in person, the emotional basis of fear can then lead to the SALE not even begin at all.

2. Cognitive dissonance reduction - how the brain establishes avoidance behavior

There is also a very interesting phenomenon when it comes to justifying avoidance behavior. The upper “reasonable” brain days have only limited access to the lower (I also call the functional) levels of the brain responsible for emotional evaluation.

Because any form of Behavior must be “reasonable” for the upper brain levels, they begin to interpret the behavior of the lower levels. This process is known as cognitive dissonance reduction.

3. To be as positive as possible to ourselves

This usually takes place in a form that allows one's own self-image to be as positive as possible. Accordingly, behavior that avoids sales interaction is often interpreted in the direction of the following variants: “This one Customer I don't want to buy anything anyway” or “Now is not the right time” or “I need certain information or things beforehand”.

After all, these answers also sound much more fluid and are also more compatible with the ego than variants like: “I am afraid of being rejected” or “I have no idea how to convince this person” or “I just feel uncomfortable being a stranger So easily address people coldly to get something to him sell".

4. No way out - now?

Another concomitant effect of the emotion of fear in sales arises when the inexperienced salesperson cannot escape the situation, as described above. Then shine voice and body language the emotion on the Spiegelneurons of the potential customer.

The potential customer thus feels an emotional framework with the basic direction “away from something”, whereas the content in turn has the basic direction “towards something”.

5. The "how" is important?

Because, however, the like in the Communication has much more effect than what, this contradiction leads to at least confusion. Ambiguity in the statement is fatal in sales because it is impossible for a potential customer to be convinced by someone who is apparently not convinced himself.

That is why it is indispensable to deal with one's own anxiety for every person who goes for the first time to the terrain of sale. Active activity with fear, in turn, will be the end.

6. What does the research say?

This is also the result of a scientific study by me. Objective This study was to examine whether the individual level of anxiety of newcomers in sales to the future Success affects. The answer is No! Rather, it turned out that the sales-related fear has diminished over time.

You now know why initial anxiety in this profession is perfectly normal and requires experience to develop total laxity. Also, you have learned why subject-related fear can also be a good reminder for professionals. But how do you deal with fear?

7. Selling means moving people emotionally

In sales, the goal is to get someone to “lead” something through communication. This goal can be either a spiritual or a material good.

Therefore, regardless of the exact content of the conversation, the seller must have a body language and vocal emotional expression “towards something”.

Conclusion: reduce fear, build experience

Anxiety degradation is always an experience building. These experiences can be divided into two fields. The first is a basic desensitization before rejection by other people.

An important step to reduce anxiety is to gain good experience in sales itself. For this to work, a routine is important. A routine is a kind of automatic sales program. It consists of a ritualized preparation, in the thing and mentally. Then you start a communication sequence of emotional and verbal elements. Over time, the fear will disappear.

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