Studying at a distance university can offer advantages and disadvantages compared to a traditional university. An overview of how to learn Distance.

Studying at a distance university: 2 X 7 decision-making aids for learning at a distance [+ checklist]

New educational opportunities via distance learning college

Our World is developing rapidly technologically and with it the educational opportunities for students. The digital study via Internet with its networking and better access to information and Education has opened the door to learning opportunities that may not have been available to learners of previous generations. It offers students the opportunity to study from the comfort of their own home and earn a degree in a variety of disciplines and have a world of opportunities for People opened who want to further their education without having to visit a physical campus.

Distance learning is a form of educational technology that delivers instructional material over the Internet using interactive video, audio, and text content. In Germany, in addition to the education ministries of the federal states, the state central office for distance learning is the competent authority within the meaning of the Distance Learning Protection Act (FernUSG). Among other things, it decides on the approval of distance learning courses. Distance learning includes a wide variety of offerings such as Onlinecourses, live lectures, onlineCourses and the provider market is very diverse: it ranges from the university, which wants to expand its traditional range of courses online, to the distance college up to the simple educational institution for further vocational training.

Why do people like distance learning?

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Many people decide themselves for good reason, their Further Training to be completed via distance learning. The independence of location and flexible study times are among the motives why many prefer studying at a distance university to the traditional university. For example, distance learning can be an attractive option for those who have limited access to traditional educational institutions or because of work, Family or other commitments are under time pressure.

For students in particular, distance learning can Costs lower, offering more course options and allowing them to earn a college degree in their own time and to balance their studies with their work. For lecturers, distance learning offers new teaching strategies, the possibility of individual course content draw up and reach a larger number of students.

Fernhochschule: Not suitable for everyone

However, there are also some potential downsides to distance learning compared to studying at a regular university University or university entails and which you should consider before deciding on such a program. In fact, for those who are thinking about pursuing further education, the idea of ​​studying at a distance learning university can sometimes be quite daunting because they will be on their own to learn.

Therefore, one must always distinguish: Even if attending a distance learning university can be a unique opportunity to receive a valuable education, it is regarding qualification and completion for others clear less beneficial than a traditional university degree. Distance learning also requires a high level of self-discipline and responsibility, as there may be fewer instructors available to help and guide you through the course material. Also, this type of learning is only suitable for people familiar with onlineCommunication are familiar at all.

Fernhochschule: 7 reasons for & against

In this overview you will find out what speaks for and against studying at a distance learning university in order to provide you with important information Hand admit. With these points in mind you will be able to make an informed decision decision to make about whether a distance learning course is the right one Choice for your educational needs or not.

7 benefits of distance learning colleges

First, we will list the advantages of studying at a distance learning university:

  1. High flexibility: Distance learning universities offer many advantages, such as flexibility and convenience. OnlineCourses typically have flexible schedules and a wide range of topics to choose from. The clear advantage of distance learning is that you can study from anywhere. For example, a trip abroad can be excellently combined with a course of study.
  2. Time saving: Not only the free choice of location is an advantage, but also the annoying commuting and long journey times are eliminated. This high degree of flexibility makes it much easier to reconcile family, work and studies.
  3. Learning as you wish: Students also have the freedom to study when it suits them and complete theCourses at their own pace as there are no strict attendance requirements. So you can always study from home and decide for yourself at what time of the day you want to study.
  4. Overview: Additionally, many distance learning universities offer online tutoring and XNUMX/XNUMX support, making it easier for students to stay on top of their studies.
  5. Cost: Also, distance learning universities can sometimes be more affordable than traditional universities because they do not require additional commuting or accommodation costs.
  6. Easy start of studies: With distance learning courses, it is usually the case that there is no numerus clausus or other admission restrictions, which means that people without a high school diploma, for example, can also study at a distance learning university. This looks very different at regular colleges or universities, because there are many courses with a large number of applicants, which means that the admission restrictions are much more strictly regulated.
  7. Flexible study start: Another advantage of distance learning is the start of your studies, which is possible almost every day at many distance learning universities. After registering, interested parties only have to wait a short time for their study documents and they can start.

7 disadvantages of distance learning

But of course such a course also has disadvantages, which we do not want to withhold from you either:

  1. No student life: If the decision is made to study at a distance learning university, it should be taken into account that distance learning eliminates the classic student life. This means that, for example, student parties or study groups have to be avoided, which could be unfortunate, especially for young adults.
  2. Missing contacts: While onlineCourses allow you to learn at your own pace, you may miss out on face-to-face contact with yours Professors and classmates.
  3. Difficult Motivation: Due to the fact that there is no personal exchange with the lecturers and fellow students on site, it can be extremely difficult to motivate yourself to learn again and again through self-study.
  4. High study costs: The costs for a bachelor’s degree at a distance learning university quickly add up to well over 10.000 euros. After all, there are always discount campaigns at many distance learning universities. Alternatively, the costs can be reduced in the form of a scholarship, provided that the requirements for this exist.
  5. Lack of government support: Most distance learning providers are private distance learning universities, ie they usually receive little or no government financial support. As a result, the study costs are usually significantly higher compared to the costs of studying at a regular college or university.

Conclusion: Your preferences determine the pros and cons

Undoubtedly, the Internet has revolutionized the way we learn. And it has made it easier to transform traditional learning in the classroom or university lecture hall into distance learning at home, digitally on a computer or even on a smartphone. But even if it doesn't always sound good: Distance learning isn't always the best for everyone Solution.

Whether you decide for or against studying at a distance learning university ultimately depends on your individual preferences, needs and requirements. In any case, all aspects should be weighed against each other in advance so that you really make the right decision. If you opt for a distance learning university, you should also find out in advance from the respective university provider about their services and their financing options.

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