Mistakes have a negative image. Wrongly. Mistakes and their effects can only be properly classified by looking back. The error is already in the past. Life happens in the present and Future. If you own up to your mistakes, you can correct them positive Energy convert.

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1. Errors change the world

The fact that our world and our lives today are as we take it for granted relies, to a large extent, on overcoming errors and mistakes.

Learning progress in children becomes visible because they have done something wrong before. This context is later in the background, but the mistakes made can help lifelong further development.


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We have to live with our mistakes. Each error has, according to the causeEffect-Principle an impact. If we accept our mistakes and use them to help ourselves, we can avoid them in the future.

Visually, this is quite easy. If the six letters EEFHLR are added to words in the Scrabble game, both ERRORS and HELPERS can be created, an anagram. The error becomes the helper. A small letter-wrench makes something good out of the alleged evil.

3. Gain experience and learn from it

You do not have to make every mistake yourself. It is also possible to learn from other mistakes by working out the wrong from the wrong.

The stored negative knowledge, i.e. how something is not, does not work, which ones Strategy not to one Solution leads which Concept disqualified because it gives the wrong results, acts like a kind of immune system. If we enter into a similar situation, we can use this background information to control our actions so that we do not repeat the same mistake.

4. My mistake belongs to me

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Once a mistake has been made and recognized as such, the temptation is great, someone else or the unfavorable circumstances to blame for it. So the Debt to be dismissed or blamed on others.

No wonder, because for a long time it was customary to punish mistakes. Even in the modern office (non-) hierarchy, people are only too happy to try to protect themselves as comprehensively as possible in the event that an error could occur. Admitting a mistake requires Courage, to oneself and to others. But the commitment to this is usually included Respect honored.

5. Convert negative to positive

Errors only happen on calculation in the rarest of cases. Hardly anyone does anything knowingly to harm others. behind everyone Behavior initially has a positive intention. Even if this is not immediately recognizable. When dealing with mistakes, it helps to always assume a positive intention. Recognizing what went wrong is where the transformation from negative to positive begins.

6. Detect and avoid errors

Once it is known what was wrong, this aspect, this conclusion, this step can be avoided or shaped differently in the future. If the trigger is no longer unknown, it loses its power.

Its residual energy can be (re)directed. The potential lies in fearless further development. With creativity and courage, new strength is released to go a new way, to find a new solution.

7. change behavior

For the future to be really better, the behavior must also change. If the willingness exists, this is already the first step. Not for nothing is what we do very closely linked to our own perception.

Who can claim to be the best version of themselves? There is always room for improvement. Even when dealing with mistakes we have made, we are faced with the Choicehow we intend to react to the information received. Angry, doubting or curious?

8. To evolve

If the eye moves forward despite the bad experiences, it is possible to transform misunderstandings. Only those who continue to develop remain at the pulse of the times, remain competitive and successful - in all areas of life. Thus, Aristotle is surrendered:

“A mistake by a lie to cover is to replace a spot with a hole.”

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