Sudden blackouts are common for many People a big Problem. But how are they formed? And what can you do about it?


Relaxation in the brain

Because you have a blackout in Future want to avoid at all costs, it is
important that the rating im Brain, which takes place at lightning speed, is relaxed and only signals a natural stage fright.

That's why the composition of the brain cocktail is so important, and you have direct influence on it. In really life-threatening situations, on the other hand, one can be happy if the Anxiety protects you by putting you on autopilot.

Do yourself something good

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This happens, for example, when a cyclist drives across the street without looking around, because then every car driver brakes in seconds without thinking, thinking is switched off and the protective reaction is switched on. In an exam situation
on the other hand we don't need that.

The more one succeeds in recognizing what is important and what one can do to be good in order to remain relaxed, one will find that fear does not have to work against one, but can even work for one.

Everything a matter of the angle of view

Because everything is a matter of perspective and that is what matters
so that you get better and better feel can. If you're willing, you can agree to a truce with stage fright and exam anxiety, or even better, ideally, make some kind of friendship pact with her.

Humour is important. And quite simply for the following reason: Whenever you can smile or even laugh, then you will not be afraid, because fear and laughter are mutually exclusive.

How stage fright and blackouts arise: Messenger substances signal stress

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But what exactly happens in stage fright? In stage fright mode, you may start to sweat and your heart may start to beat faster. Can you cope with this emotional state?

In the moment of stage fright you are under enormous pressure and Stress and a lot of messenger substances are released, which initially Performance ready
do it and bring it into focus, but also every human being
through a subjective felt negative evaluation
be able to incapacitate their own situation.

Exam anxiety goes far beyond stage fright and comes with it
to do a “felt” or “subjectively perceived” threat, in which the organism reacts and thinking takes a back seat.

The subjective threat

Is the situation really that threatening? The consequences for some can be called
to be perceived as threatening if you get a bad grade or even fail. In fact, there is always a plan B, and very often a second

If you sleep a few nights, or look back after a few weeks, you often can not understand why you were so panicky.

The door to something new

It is not uncommon for what did not work out to open a door to something else that you could not have imagined.

Wolfgang for example,
a student who really wanted to study law, but
to which he has the Numerus Clausus (admission restriction
due to the minimum grade point average),
he studied business administration.

Often the alternative is better

In retrospect he was really happy because
his friend who overcame the hurdle through the NC
and studied law, that broke Study off because it
was too dry for him.

After dealing with his
Having entertained a friend, he couldn't find Jura either
so worth striving for and with that the subject was off the table.

Is the bottle half-full or half-bodied?

The question is whether you can change the external circumstances that can change permanently. And the answer is NO at first.

When the sun shines, the sun shines and when it rains
then it rains. You can feel bad all day because of the bad weather, but that doesn't change anything. The weather doesn't care whether you laugh or cry.

You know the comparison, a half full bottle either
to be regarded as half empty or half full? It's similar with the perspective from which you can see your situation.

Away with the time robbers: what brings energy and fun

So what if, starting today, you choose the angle that Energy, joy and Fun brings, instead of the energy-sapping, sad and negative point of view?

Changing your perspective means being on the winning side in the future
and not on the losing side. And that has to do not only with the grades that come out, but simply with your attitude.

Main Feature Self-confidence

I am happy about every pupil and student who manages to successfully and confident to go through an exam.

When the inner mood barometer sets the pointer to sunshine, a lot is easier. With the fear of exams, however, the barometer falls like a falling low in a matter of seconds and you're already caught up in the program: “Houston, we have a problem”.

The all-in-one mix in the brain

The Art is therefore to prevent this state of emergency from occurring, which makes you unable to act. Put simply, you should positively influence your brain chemistry.

Like a cocktail made up of several liquids, we remove the organism-threatening alcohol and turn our brain chemistry into a non-alcoholic all-in-handle mix that lets you think in a relaxed and focused manner.

The fear can carry us far away

Sometimes the fear comes on very quietly and
sometimes it comes all of a sudden and powerful and
completely absorbs us.

It can carry us far away from the here and now, because it wants to know that we are safe (dissociation: a change from the subjective perspective to an objective perspective from above: “bird's eye view”. Example: With a trauma it can
be that soul parts leave the body. Because of that
the person is then not right in the here and now).

The fear reports to us as if it wanted to say: “Pass
up to here and no further ”or“ stop, do that
don't ”or“ don't do that, it might hurt ”. The
Fear is a signal, a light buoy or a lighthouse
in the dark that wants us, if we were a ship,
for sure run to the port.

Fear as a warning sign

The fear wants to say by triggering the signal: “Hey man, I'm worried
you!" She compares experiences and situations from the past with the current situation and in the event of danger, she prefers to report earlier rather than too late - and that's a good thing.

Yesterday I saw the third episode of the movie “The Terminator” with Arnold
Schwarzenegger. Do you know the scene when he comes to earth stark naked?
and looking for a suitable piece of clothing among the many people in a bar?

Like the Terminator

The viewer is allowed to look through the computer-controlled view for a few minutes
See a terminator and experience how he measures, calculates and scans the individual limbs of people from top to bottom in order to find a suitable item of clothing.

After a while, the corresponding target person is found with a suitable clothing size and the terminator's onboard computer triggers and announces: fitting garment found.

The brain as a scanner

It's similar with your brain, only that it is
Instead of matching items of clothing, look for similar threatening situations from the past.

Or even remembering what the parents said as a warning
to have. Do memories and situations go together
and build on the old feeling, then the brain loosens
Alarm off and when the situation is very threatening
it can even lead to panic.

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