Speed ​​dating is nothing sleazy: As Method at conferences and Business-Events it is a simple and efficient way of making new contacts. This also works in Recruiting.

Recruiting & Networking: What are the Benefits of Business Speed ​​Dating?

Flirting methods in business?

Speed ​​dating is actually known from flirting. The idea behind it is simple: it usually takes a few seconds to decide whether we are facing ours sympathisch find or not. If the chemistry is right, you can arrange to meet again. If not, you can say goodbye after a short while without being rude act or endure an annoying date all night long.

The Concept sounds so plausible that it has now found its way into everyday working life: even large corporations use company speed dating, for example to find potential Employees To Recruit: Have in a handful of turns per event HR and Candidate a few minutes to sniff each other. If the chemistry isn't right, let it be.

Speed ​​dating as a recruiting method

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But is it even possible to do that with speed dating, so can you get a reasonable impression of the person you are talking to in just a few minutes? For the recruiting speed daters, that means five to eight potential new employees in around eight minutes Company to inspire in which he of his own Tasks and exciting projects as well as outlining the wide range of development opportunities within the company.

For the potential applicants, that means the future Executive/ to report to the future boss about challenges already mastered and the Ask to put people that you always wanted to put above your employer. But it can also be different.

The perfect impression in just a few minutes?

I was admittedly skeptical - until I took part in a business speed dating myself: at a media conference in Edmonton / Alberta, Canada. the Objective it was exactly the same there, only it was about media partnerships, not recruiting: Our event in Edmonton was a bit more spacious: A huge room, more than 1000 companies and journalists and for everyone Conversation 15 minutes time. Five minutes between the individual conversations in order to get to the new conversation partner, which is downright due to the size of the room alone Stress could degenerate.

In traditional speed dating in small groups, the participants take turns, in Edmonton that was simply not possible due to the size of the event. For this reason, both media representatives and companies had selected the most interesting from a pool of potential interlocutors in advance and the meetings were neatly recorded in a schedule.

Sometimes the chemistry just isn't right

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There were about 30 meetings per person. At the end of each conversation, a gong sounded as a signal to leave. He often came way too early, because the conversations had been so interesting, and sometimes, surprisingly, way too late because the person I was talking to was talking about meaningless things Marketing-Laundry lost. Or as an English colleague Jools Stone describes it so aptly:

“As with normal speed dating, sometimes it's obvious that the chemistry just isn't right. My notes spiegeland this clear contrary. Some pages of my notebook are almost entirely obscured by my messy doodles, others are blank."

What exactly does speed dating bring to business?

But what does speed dating bring to the business sector? The answer: a lot more than I thought. I made a lot of interesting contacts and in a short amount of time some exciting ones ideas developed. A full Success as and highly recommended.

The meetings, which are short but take place between only two people, are probably much more efficient than groupMeetings or lectures in which individuals present their ideas in the auditorium. Because the advantage of speed dating is that you can't even doze off in between if it gets boring: You have to concentrate fully on the other person, there are no excuses.

Conclusion: efficient, but stressful

But that is of course also a disadvantage: the quick dates are also much more stressful due to the increased concentration – not only did I notice that, but I was told that by various people I spoke to after theirs Opinions asked, also so confirmed. And also for the organization such a speed dating event is of course much more complex than simply “renting” a room with a speaker.

Nevertheless, I find an event like this much more suitable for exchanging information. Personally, I would like to see more events and, above all, the countless haphazard meetings organized as structured speed dating.

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