the Channel People want a lot, for some people less is enough. In addition, many things that make you wealthy cannot be bought. And as everyone knows, the last shirt has no pockets.

to clean up

How important is ownership?

Some possessions are essential to life and/or make life easier: a roof over them Head, food, clothes, savings. Some possessions are pure luxury: an expensive handbag, a classy sports car, a holiday home by the sea with a chic yacht.

There are many gradations in between. What some consider essential to life is this in other regions World unimaginable luxury. For many, possession symbolizes power and Success. Clothes make the man – possessions too.

How prosperous are you?

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Do you have Lust for an experiment? Then take pen and paper
and answer the following Ask:

What does your feeling say

In a further step, simply ask yourself the following questions:

When does ownership make you happy?

There are interesting studies on ownership. It makes you happy to deal with things that you do not yet have but would soon like to own. Anticipation and buying trigger the “kick”, less ownership in and of itself.

Maybe you too will like many: The joy of ownership usually disappears after a few months. Also, ownership only seems to make happy to a degree.

Like Hans in luck

Those who have about twice as much as the population average feel happier than the average. With more possession falls the happiness curve again: Super rich are not automatically super-happy.

And some biographies, studies show, prove that Story from "Hans im Glück". Only when you are no longer attached to your possessions does a man/Ms. free yourself.

How decommissioning improves the quality of life

It's not just about you aufräu financing: It's about illusions, supposed guarantees, insights, life in the here and now - and again and again Quality of life and self-responsibility.

Always be aware: your thoughts and feelings also affect your physical condition. And at the same time, your physical condition influences your thoughts!

Power free?

Like the billionaire who gave everything away of his own free will and today feels happier and freer in his mountain hut of just 25 square meters than with a glider, luxury villa and large one assets. Appropriate words:
"Wealthy is the one who can do what he wants."

Pure table with the possession

Could it be that you, too, have accumulated "possession garbage" that is preventing you from becoming happier and more free feel? Could it be that more quality with less quantity could make your life easier?

It is exciting to look beyond our cultural horizons: how much does a person really need to be happy and satisfied to be? The time of "cleaning up" begins. Now! "Take out the trash!" can make life easier, reduce complexity and burden.

Less or more?

By the way: According to a study, the consumer climate index for Germans is Society for consumer research at a record high!

While some have too little, storage rooms are now booming to house possessions - the joy of shopping, of even more possessions, is no longer there ways. Provided the credit card is still covered.

6 Tips for the pure table

  1. What do not you want to hear anymore?
  2. What have you looked at long enough?
  3. What is hard in your stomach?
  4. What "stinks" to you?
  5. What is a thorn in your eye?
  6. What must finally get away?

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