A working day that is like a marathon doesn't always have to be exhausting. On the right one Motivation and Esteem it depends.


Survey shows: There is a lack of appreciation

Appreciation and motivation are hugely important: have you been highly productive, have you had an adrenaline rush, and are you satisfied with your work, such a day is quite motivating. But satisfaction is not always enough.

As surveys show, many employees lack this kind of understanding from their employer. On the contrary, if you People in his personal environment, it turns out that many people never valued themselves feel. Only a very small proportion can say that they are often valued by their employer. Try it out.

The consequences of too little appreciation

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Too little appreciation leads to dissatisfaction and demotivation among employees in the long term. Frustrated faces after a long day at work and a bad mood are the result. Of course, productivity also suffers as a result, and rule of thumb is becoming the rule.

Debt there are psychological processes involved, because a lack of appreciation for the working atmosphere practically means a storm warning! Especially the millennials, who are our offspring in the Working world attach great importance to a pleasant working atmosphere, which is strongly influenced by mutual respect. We are all willing to do our best as long as it is rewarded accordingly.

2 times 5 Tips for more appreciation in the job

It feels good from Executive to be praised. This confirms your diligence and acts like a motivational injection. Company should therefore deal with the wishes and needs of their employees at an early stage. But employees also have the opportunity to make the cooperation pleasant. Only if both sides adopt a similar attitude towards the topic of appreciation can a pleasant working atmosphere be created, as well as the motivation and thus the Performance zu increase.

Dr. Job has some helpful tips for employers and employees, especially for long-term employees Implementation the atmosphere at Workplace sustained improve.

5 tips - how you, as an employer, pay more tribute to your employees:

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  1. Pay attention to your employees: Hardly anything is more effective for a pleasant working environment than an open ear. Listen to your employees and recognize your needs. Try to respond to your employees. This gives them the feeling of being important to the company. Also, be open to talking about employee issues. As long as you do not take on the role of the psychologist, this strengthens the relationship of trust and thus the loyalty.
  2. Magic words work wonders: As a child, our parents taught us to always say “please” and “thank you”. So why should we stop doing it as an adult? These simple forms of courtesy should naturally be part of this and automatically convey the recognition of the work performed.
  3. Long live the feedback culture: Do you want your employees to always do their best and to keep developing? You make a significant contribution to this. Regular, constructive feedback gives employees the opportunity to learn from mistakes and further develop their strengths. It is important that you take your time for the feedback and do not communicate it between the door and the hinge. Well-thought-out statements make communication with your employees easier. A simple “good job!” but is welcome in any situation on any occasion.
  4. Thank you very much for the flowers: Show your appreciation to your employees for their special achievements, even with small rewards. Be it an early closing time or smaller, individual gifts, such as personalized vouchers. Your creativity knows no bounds here.
  5. No empty promises: A new break? A team trip? On Fridays, early in the evening? Take care of the implementation promptly! A boss who stands by his word is appreciated by his employees and deserves respect.

5 Tips - How to reap the appreciation of a worker and show your superior:

  1. Be open to criticism: Constructive feedback helps you to develop further. Use negative criticism as an opportunity to improve. As long as your boss remains factual and the conversation does not go on a personal level, you can be grateful for any feedback. Signal your supervisor that you appreciate that he takes time to talk to you about your work performance.
  2. One hand washes the other: Your boss drowns in "To Do's" and you still have capacity? Then offer your support. In return, he will also help you in particularly stressful phases. Teamwork is everything and means working together on an equal footing. As an employee, you feel taken seriously and give your manager the feeling that you can rely on yourself at all times.
  3. Also say “no”: As an ever-present Yes-Sager, you will be more and more dissatisfied in the long run. No man has unlimited capacities. On the contrary, knowing exactly when you reach the limit will give you credibility. It shows that the quality of your work is important to you and that you can assess well when your capacities are exhausted.
  4. Honesty is the best: Speak openly if something is unclear or if you can not understand a certain procedure. To ask meaningful questions brings you pluses, because this gives your supervisor that you are intensively dealing with a topic and questioning, instead of blindly implementing everything.
  5. Stand by your competences: No one can suffer well. But if you offer support to your colleagues because of their expertise, any good advice is welcome. This will also appreciate your boss.

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