Many models and methods promise Company to make more agile. Because that is exactly what change demands. But very few actually address the question of why companies are unable to identify and seize new opportunities.

Business Agility & VUCA-ZFuture: How companies master challenges in 6 steps

Welcome to the VUCA world: New ways of thinking needed!

Because our Future becomes more and more unpredictable, a fundamentally open mindset is required. And because life demands a lot from us today and tomorrow, we have to try harder and harder. Most People are ready to feel but at the same time overwhelmed and sometimes have the feeling that the Control about losing your life.

difficult circumstances, among which employees not only theirs Performance hold, but should be increasingly innovative and creative. The crucial question is: What can you do as an individual and as a company to not only survive, but to thrive in the face of all these challenges?

Business Agility Fact 1: Stay curious

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Although we don't always remember it, we all had to learn to walk and talk at some point in our lives - and as soon as we could, we started exploring our surroundings and asking our parents "why?". As a father of two children in Age from 2 and 3 years I know very well how fast one because the answers can run out and how great the urge to learn is.

For all of us, these used to be precisely the moments when we learned how to deal with our problems most effectively and to solve them the fastest - and even playfully and with joy. Hence the advice: be more of a child again! We must (us) many Ask confront doubters, fight against resistance until it reveals what really counts.

Business Agility Fact 2: Trust and transparency as a basis

Everyone is talking about self-organization and autonomous teams, what criteria you have as an individual, Team or company must meet in order to become truly agile. But where do you start, or even where do you have to start? There is only one correct answer: The basis of every agile Organization is trust and transparency.

When Executives and bosses are not willing themselves to be radically transparent and to trust their employees and each other, there is none Sinn, if companies with the technical details of roles, processes or Regulate and principles for a self-organized environment begin.

Business Agility Fact 3: Creating a safe space

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Do you know the biggest Risks on the way to agility? As much as we sometimes wish for freedom, we have to do it ourselves decide and there is a risk of error, that can take the pressure and the Anxiety increase massively.

With self-organization, employees are (suddenly) responsible for their Tasks, actions and agenda. You have to set your own priorities and you can Problem or a greater challenge no longer attached to theirs Executive escalate. Some who have previously worked in hierarchical structures will not find this liberating - quite the contrary!

Managers can (and must) help their employees by creating a safe space where nobody has to wear a mask, but everyone can be themselves. In this place where it is ok to ask for advice and not to be afraid of being judged or condemned, trust and Respect.

Business Agility Fact 4: Develop employees

There are many ways to become agile or transform as organizations. Pyramid-shaped structures become holocratic circles. Network organizations are very popular. Project managers are now called scrum masters. And everyone is talking about squad teams, tribes, chapters and guilds. But does the company really help to become more agile?

No matter which agile path companies choose or where they want to transform, it makes sense to consider three dimensions: First, the continuous Further Training in agile methods and tools. Second, investing in people's mindsets and skills. And third, developing the right organizational structure.

Business Agility Fact 5: Purpose makes sense

Meaning will prove at least as essential today and tomorrow as that growth. Because it is the purpose that convinces people that customers lets buy. Employees who know WHY they are doing something are the strongest brand ambassadors - for products as well as for the entire company.

Do employees believe that their work matters and that what they do makes a difference in the company Welt will do, the purpose creates a deep inspiration, awakens pride, promotes the creativity and anchors the employees. Active and happy, they work together for a common cause Objective a. And who doesn't want the synergy of motivated employees?

Business Agility Fact 6: Leverage foresight and confidence

If we look at the developments of the last few years, the companies that are particularly exciting are those that have understood how to work with far and wide confidence deal with crises. Companies that are not frozen in fear and are in the self-focused Implementation and defining new rules.

They do exist, organizations that think outside the box of the ego system. They quite rightly asked themselves how people should be dealt with in critical situations. Who Measures implemented, which enable solidarity and mutual support, was well advised.

Conclusion: The future must be viewed holistically

If we look at the future holistically, the enormous potential for positive changes. If not now then when? When, if not today, is it time to seed, nurture and let new ways of working and organizational structures grow?

Structure supports the development of new behaviors and the unlearning of old ones Pattern and that's what we have in one Transformation want and need. However, humans are also very adaptable. It is all the more important that all employees and the organizations are able to quickly identify the need for change, to react to the unknown and to learn iteratively. This gives organizations the ability to maneuver in a complex and sometimes chaotic world.

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