In times of the "War for Talents" it is essential to position yourself as an attractive employer and thus be one step ahead of other companies. Exactly what to do to the Attention to attract suitable talent to your company?

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Why is employer branding important at all?

In times of a shortage of skilled workers and the "War for Talents", you can attract the attention of potential and current employees by positioning your company as an attractive employer. The clearer you are about the Power ihres Company and are aware of the requirements of your target group, the clearer and more unmistakable an image of your company as an attractive employer can be in this target group.

This branding gives both your current and potential employees Orientation, that strengthens trust and increases identification with your company. The consequences are an improved image, increased numbers of applicants and intensified employee loyalty. This Method provides you with tools for design and Guide your employer branding (employer branding) and increase the employer attractiveness. It is particularly suitable for management or top management as well as human resources managers and human resource managers.

Successful Employer Branding: The beginning is the analysis

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At the beginning of your employer branding is the analysis of your Status Quo: You need to find out where your company stands in order to develop your employer brand. This step is necessary in order to derive the concrete brand attributes and the employer promise based on this.

Only at the very end of the process does it become clear how you communicate the employer brand and what tools you use to anchor it in the company. And finally, at the very end is how you do it Success Measure your employer branding activities. Finally, you will learn how to deal with possible pitfalls. All necessary steps again at a glance:

Analyze your status quo

However, we have noticed over the course of time that employer branding is already frequent at the first point, the analysis failed. This is extremely important, because by successful employer branding, you differentiate yourself as an employer from your competitors and become the preferred starting point for your target group. But you can do this only if you know exactly where you stand.

The analysis of the situation represents the basis of employer branding. The framework conditions that have an impact on the design of employer attractiveness are analyzed. This analysis gives you clues as to how you should position your employer brand. In order to be perceived as an attractive employer, it is necessary to analyze the employee target group in order to focus on their needsto be able to set expectations and preferences.

To analyze the situation in 6 steps

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By analyzing your company, you will find out which strengths you can throw into the balance and which deficits still need to be compensated. This is the only way to take the right further steps and Measures derive.

You should first analyze the internal business environment. Gain insight into the following aspects by analyzing business and social reports as well as through interviews or workshops and keep your results in writing:

  1. Key figures: Visualize the general weather situation of your company and determine the classic financial and business data. What does the shareholder structure look like? What is the current economic situation? How are the market share and market position to be described? How have the number of employees and their qualifications developed in the past? What is your company's history?
  2. Corporate vision, goals and strategy: Analyze the company's future image by looking at the direction in which the company is to be developed and the specific strategies to achieve its objectives. What is the purpose of the company? Where do we want to be in ten years? What do we want to stand for? What specific goals can be used to describe this condition? What are the strategies for achieving the goals?
  3. Corporate culture: Get a picture of the basic values ​​and models in your company. Are common models and values ​​on the basis of which the employees align their actions? What are the characteristics of these models? Are they known in the company? How clear are they defined and communicated? What are the principles of business policy?
  4. Range: Identify which products and services you offer to your customers. What products are they? What kind are they? How complex is the manufacturing process? How popular or innovative are the products?
  5. Organization structure: Examine which structures and processes prevail in your company. What does the organizational structure look like? How many hierarchical levels exist? Which processes are defined? How are responsibilities and powers distributed? How should the degree of formalization be assessed? Which ways is communicated in the company?
  6. Company external environment: As employer attitudes are also influenced by external factors, you will then follow the analysis of the company-oriented environment. You can find information about this from the daily and economic media as well as from trend studies and development forecasts.

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