Working efficiently on the computer wants to be learned: With 10 open browser windows and a full desktop it just works worse. But how does more productive work work?

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Basic problem of work organization on the PC

I advise again and again customers on topics like Online-Marketing, blogging or social media use. Actually, it is usually about teaching customers the basics of using various social media tools.

However, I keep finding that in some cases the difficulties lie elsewhere: namely with the efficient use of the computer as a work tool. This should be for many People present the fundamental problem of their work. What can be done about it?

Full work surface, empty brain

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Efficient use does not mean the main memory, the speed of the WLAN or other technical problems. The Problem are of a more basic nature, for example a desktop screen that is far too full, more than 10 browser windows open at the same time or an overflowing eMail-P.O. Box.

Whereby that eMailMailbox still represents the slightest problem. One eMailProgram finally has a search function. There are even people who are now quite interested in classifying and labeling their eMails do without and just search. Quite Honestly, I'm gradually getting there too, because sorting the eMailIt simply costs too much time and does not contribute to better findability.

9 steps for efficient work organization on the computer

The chaos doesn't have to be pure, neither with the eMails anywhere else. A tidy computer can be easily and fast achieve – in these 9 steps:

1. Simplify your computer

The situation is different with the workspace and the browser windows. Because it's not about finding something again, but being able to work more efficiently at the moment. And that means: way with everything that is superfluous. Less is more!

This is a bit like the Simplify tips for tidying up your own home: The best organization system does not help if there is just too much content for too little space. It helps only radically clear - on the desktop as well as in the browser.

2. Radically mucking out is the motto

But that is exactly what many people find difficult: They find the Internet anything interesting, load it onto your desktop and forget it there. Or they work on several projects at the same time, all seem equally important - and therefore all are on the desktop.

The only problem is that each new Projects the situation worsens. Because the fuller the workspace becomes, the more difficult it becomes to find the files that have been stored. And the search function of the computer usually takes far too long for this.

3, Overcome the fear of letting go

The situation is similar with open browser windows or tabs: In my opinion, you can have up to five open at the same time, with more than five you make a mistake – and that costs time. Anyone who claims that they can deal well with the resulting chaos is simply telling themselves that World schön.

Behind it is, as with Order Do that in the apartment too Anxietyto part with something - after all, you might need it again at some point and then not find it again.

4. Computers are like wardrobes: clearing out is necessary

With an empty desktop and fewer browser tabs, you can really work better. The likelihood of Internet surfing inefficiency actually increases the more tabs are open because the open windows and titles are constantly distracting and irritating. And: Most of the stuff that you download and bookmark yourself, you do not need anyway afterwards.

It's like tidying up the closet: what you haven't worn in the past two years is no longer wearable anyway. It often doesn't even fit or is out of date. This applies all the more to the Internet: Who will be interested in them tomorrow? Articles from the past month, where so much new information is added every day.

5. Garbage baskets as catch basins

So I've been doing this radically for some time now: after every step I finish, I remove all the files that were needed from the desktop. Mostly I throw them right in the dustbin.

I move some of them into a folder with “material” so that I can bring them out again later if I want to log them out. This hardly ever happens, which is why I have now moved the material folder into a subfolder. The wastepaper basket, on the other hand, acts as a catch basin: if necessary, I can find things here again.

6. Don't think twice, just throw it away

The gist of this one Method: I don't think about what I want to keep and what not for every file and every interesting link, but usually throw the things in the bin in a matter of seconds - zack zack, and clear and the work surface is clean.

Of course I empty the trash every few months. Of course, I also entrümple the bookmarks. Of course, in a hurry I lose one or the other interesting article, and recently it happened to me that I had to rewrite a whole blog article because I was too fast to delete it.

7. Synchronizing data creates security

What provides additional security here is a software that synchronizes data on different drives with each other. One such application from Germany, which I have been using for some time to synchronize my data on different devices, is TeamDrive: TeamDrive is HIPAA compliant and encrypts data before uploading with an AES-256 algorithm Encrypts TeamDrive your data before uploading.

According to the provider, the service is not only GDPR-compliant, but also offers “zero-knowledge” privacy. This means that the provider cannot at any time gain knowledge of the content of your data or have an insight into who you are working with. All keys are stored exclusively on your computer, so that neither the NSA nor other institutions can decrypt your data.

Practical: When I change a file on a computer, it syncs on all other systems synonymous. There is the software for all major operating systems, ie Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android, iOS. What is particularly useful for me is that while the data is also available on my mobile phone, it only puts a burden on the memory if it is made available offline.

8. Protection against viruses and phishing

Effective protection against viruses and fishing, i.e. unauthorized access to data on the Internet, is of course also important for productive work. Numerous virus programs, some of them free of charge, offer comprehensive protection against data thieves. In addition to the integrated anti-virus program, some of them also bring security packages for Internet access as well as packages for encryption and an integrated password manager, backup and child protection.

It is ideal if the software is not only available for Windows, but also for Apple and Android products and tablets. There are all sorts of useful things for smartphones Features such as protection against crimeware and data theft if the device is lost.

9. Data protection and productivity - not a contradiction in terms

And yes, some sensitive data such as accounting statements or encrypted files containing my passwords are somewhere in the cloud on a server, and I call them each from the currently used device - even from external computers.

Of course that involves certain risks. Security experts are probably struggling with such systems. As a user, on the other hand, I have to realize that the amount of data I need to match between different devices would simply overwhelm me. Otherwise one would have to spend hours and days with data backup.

The perfect classification system - a fairy tale?

Perfect is probably not an ordering system. But, and most importantly, I always have several well-structured mobile devices, so I can work efficiently, with this relentless enragement method.

There may not be a perfect organization system, but whoever cleans up consistently and, above all, step by step, is close!

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