An entire city as a location for meetings, Teambuilding– and incentive events? In the case of Tallinn, this is a good choice: the historic old town has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1997 as a well-preserved example of a medieval Hanseatic city - with many Meeting-Locations also in museums and historical sites. Another plus point: they are all practically within walking distance.


65 meeting locations at a glance

The convention has 65 different meeting locations Office of the city of Tallinn in its interactive meeting planner, including classic conference centers and hotels as well as museums and other unusual locations.

Apart from the fact that it is possible to hold events between the exhibits without problems in Estonia, as in the photo at the Seaplane Harbor Museum, the Estonians are also always creative in opening up new venues:


The biggest event has 200.000 visitors

Events with larger groups have already been held in parking decks. Also, in Tallinn they have a certain exercise with major events: every five years, the Song and Dance Festival takes place here with 37.000 artists and 200.000 visitors.

8 meeting and conference rooms, such as the large glass hall for a maximum of 550 people or the entrance hall for 500 persons, as well as several smaller rooms for 20 to 180 persons, are located on this site.


The summer residence of Peter the Great

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Nearby is Kadriorg, 1718 built for Tsar Peter the Great as a summer residence, named after his wife Katharina, the colorful Baroque Castle is now an art museum - and a meeting location with space for up to 200 people on the property or up to 100 persons in the main hall of the castle.


The city with a good 500.000 inhabitants covers an area of ​​only 159,2 km2. Even the airport, whose Age Incidentally, the terminal is also a meeting location for up to 200 people and can be reached from the city center in just 20 minutes using the well-developed public transport system.

This means: For larger events, where the participants are spread over several locations, they are all within walking distance, and the old town was once crossed in 15 minutes.


In the sign of the Middle Ages

This is a part of the Middle Ages: in addition to numerous shops, there are also numerous traders and merchants in historical costumes for their services, goods and restaurants such as Olde Hanse, where dishes are prepared according to medieval recipes.

If that is too strong, the nearby restaurant CRU is recommended. Also the price level for hotels and restaurants is a few euros below Western European conditions.


Whimsical Histotainment

Also Event agencies such as Blue Drum have specialized in historical events and the literary creation of Histotainment.

The specialty of Blue Drum is also a bizarre teambuilding event in which they send their guests to medieval treasure trove in underground vaults and meet knights on Seagways or take them with Soviet uniforms to a nearby prison - as I'm going to see in detail ,


Underground corridors and defense towers

All this is the strength of the city: there is much to discover here. Whether underground corridors, defensive towers of the still existing city wall or backyards with traditional handicrafts and individual, albeit more expensive shops.

Exciting meeting venues include the Estonian Historical Museum in the gothic guild hall from the year 1407 with place up to 50 persons or the historic old town hall of Talinn from the 13. Century with the large hall, which offers space for up to 100 persons or for up to 80 persons in the Rats room.


Only conference hotel in the historic city center

The only conference hotel within the city walls is the exclusive Hotel Telegraaf, which played an important role in Estonian independence. Adjacent to the lobby is the 60-square-sized Symphony Lounge, staged with a fireplace that can accommodate up to 50 people.

Also the 5 star boutique hotel with a total of 86 rooms is tastefully designed, the food in the restaurant Tchaikovsky (especially in the Russian notation) really first class. This has its price: One room costs from 145 Euro, the price for the meeting room is variable and individually negotiable.


Good WLAN structure

Talinn, however, is not just a historical old town, but also the interlinking of history and high-tech with the city. Talinn is one of the most start-up cities in Europe. The joy of innovation also makes itself felt at the meeting venues.

A big plus point for meetings is of course the well-developed WLAN, which is available everywhere free of charge.Structure. You shouldn't imagine that you have free WiFi practically everywhere, but most hotels, restaurants and cafes have it, so there is none in Tallinn Problem is to find internet access.

Outside the old town you can see clear the traces of the Soviet Union: prefabricated buildings and a lot of gray dominate the cityscape, which offers an interesting contrast to the historic old town. The fact that many buildings now have an exciting, modern interior is not necessarily obvious from the outside.


The culture kilometer

This becomes clear, for example, in the Kalamaja district directly at the port, which at first glance looks a bit run down and where the factory chimney is directly Eye jumps when approaching Tallinn from the water.

The Patarei Fortress In fact, there are also many beautiful wooden houses here, as well as the Kulturkilometer and the Art– and the city's start-up scene has settled here.


Innovation center at the university

The topic of start-ups Business and Innovation MEKTORY, based at the Tallinn University of Technology, is also dedicated to this. The name stands for Modern Estonian Knowledge Transfer Organization for you.

The building has 26 meeting rooms, some with all sorts of freaky Technology-Toys are equipped – because different Company and also the state support here Boy Founder in finding innovative ones ideas. The conference hall can accommodate 300 people, the other rooms each have 10-50 rooms.


Minus weather

Talinn undoubtedly has a big minus point: the weather is even more unpredictable than in Germany. During my visit in April, the temperature fluctuated between 6 and 16 degrees, accompanied by a cutting wind, but it may also be warm in April 27 degrees.

Meetings and incentive events with outdoor activities such as water sports - Pirita's marina hosted the 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow - should therefore be scheduled for the summer.


Meeting in 22. floor

The 314 meters high tower, the tallest building in Estonia, guaranteeing meetings with a view of the city, is located near Pirita's marina: the TV tower has four rooms that can be used for events:

The cafeteria on the 22nd floor and the exhibition room on the 21st floor, as well as the cinema hall and the conference room on the first floor - each room can accommodate a maximum of 100 people. Located right next to the TV tower for sure botanical garden, also with three rooms suitable for meetings of up to 100 people.


Estonia's largest board room

Of course, there are also classic conference rooms in Talinn: The largest and most modern is the 2009 opened Nokia Concert Hall with 13 meeting and conference rooms of various sizes, from the largest to 1800.

The largest board room in Estonia with space for up to 500 people, however, is located in the Swiss hotel, which with 238 rooms also belongs to the larger hotels in Talinn. The 5 star Swiss hotel has a total of four divisible meeting rooms of various sizes and the only hotel in Talinn to have an executive area with a lounge.

Absolutely recommendable for both the quality of the food and the view is the restaurant Horizonte. Prices for rooms start from about 130 Euro per night, the prices for the meeting rooms are determined individually by arrangement.

swiss hotel

Affordable conference hotel

For those who prefer to hold their meetings at a lower cost, the 2007-opened Tallink Spa and Conference Hotel could be suitable for four stars. The room prices start from 60 Euro per night, the prices for conferences and meetings are individually negotiable. The spacy-looking brightly colored neon design is a matter of taste, the six partially subdividable conference rooms for up to 263 persons are however modern equipped and technically up to date.

Plus the location is right on the harbor near the cultural kilometer and within a few minutes walking distance to the old town. The 275 rooms have excellent soundproofing, but conferences should be held on workdays. The spa is quite large, but especially at the weekend and on holidays however rather the experience bath. Really recommendable is however the food in the restaurant Nero.


Meeting on the water

The Tallink Group has not only five hotels in Talinn, but also several ferry connections to Helsinki or Stockholm, which are suitable for smaller conferences on arrival. I tested the M / S Victoria on the Stockholm - Talinn trip, which has 740 cabins and 2254 beds. The prices for a cabin are between 60 and 100 Euro depending on the price package, the prices for meeting rooms are individually negotiable. There are 11 meeting rooms that are equipped with the necessary technology and the largest of which can accommodate up to 280 people.

Also the ferry connections is not recommendable on weekends and holidays as well as the main season in summer and Christmas and in the winter it can be quite cold. In the summer, the conference rooms will be transformed into a children's playground. Also the WLAN-situtation by satelite is rather inadequate, Internet access is practically only on two of the twelve decks and close to the beach, in the cabins it looks rather bad. This is the food in the better of the five restaurants really outstanding.


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