Sleep and relaxation are important to be able to work productively. Both comes in our hectic World often too short. How do we still make room for this?

Live and work based on meaning

What motivates us every day

Sleep 8,6 hours, work 8,3 hours, watch TV for 3 hours, watch facts and entertainment, eat and drink 1,2 hours, exercise 0,3 hours, and other activities. This is how the “normal person” spends his day. Now the author of this article wants to tell us that one can still talk about the Sense think about your own life?

Utopian. This is only for gurus who fly to India to spend even more lonely days meditating on a lonely mountain to find out who they really are and, if so, why.

The search for the meaning of life?

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The search for the great meaning of life is probably as old as man himself. Can it be the meaning of life not to eat an apple from a tree, even if that tree bears the most beautiful, juicy apples? Apparently yes, otherwise we wouldn't be here today, but maybe still in paradise. But we don't have to go back so far in time for the question of meaning.

In our latitudes, life is no longer about bare survival and we have more than enough food. Even from a statistical point of view, even reproduction no longer has the same status as before. So what's left to do? Then what motivates us to get up every day after the “normal” fight and go to work? What is the meaning of our life? Depending on your personal orientation: “life”, “removing karma” or “living in God's grace”. Everyone as he likes.

Fun and benefits

I see the meaning of life in being able to do something every day that, on the one hand, Fun makes (after all, it's my life) and on the other hand brings someone a benefit.

Because your own meaning of lifethat drives us, everyone must and can define for themselves. But again: Who of us has ever really thought about it?

What makes life worth living

We learn “for life” at school. But we don't learn what makes life worth living. You learn that it is important to Job to find and to get "further". Further. Wherever that is. If a skilled worker is really good at what he does (because he may also like doing it), there is a good chance that he will “proceed” – and be promoted.

After some time, the skilled worker finds himself in one Office and creates Excel files and calculates the productivity of its employees. Does he still like it? Not for a long time... But he gets more for that Money. And more recognition. Even if it sounds sarcastic, this is unfortunately often the case.

The “over-solution”

If we were aware of the meaning behind what we do – we would (hopefully) prefer to do it even more. It would give us meaning. And meaning motivates. And motivated People work better. One positive spiral sets in.

But in reality, the question of meaning is often dismissed with a smug smile - because with this question one is looking for a "over-solution" and this yes for sure cannot deliver itself. So you don't deal with this important topic at all. A pity.

Much too busy ...

People suffer from the fact that they cannot see a deeper meaning in life - but are too busy to clarify this question for themselves. Yes, when? With an average television consumption of mostly over three hours, there is hardly any time.

And with "Frauentausch" and "Germany's next top model" you will hardly get the meaning of your own life. It takes so little: some paper, some time and a lot of thought. And you don't even have to go to India for that travel.

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