Digital processes are efficient, also in personnel management. But when concluding contracts, one comes across fast at borders. Electronic signatures can be found here Problems solve. benefit from it Employees and Candidate.

Electronic signature in application management & HR work: Efficiency for HR & recruiters

Electronic signatures can make HR departments more efficient

The digitization of processes is seen as a productivity booster - and is therefore chronically overloaded HR Management particularly popular. However, the signature of documents very often proves to be a technical bottleneck in digitization. Electronic signatures are the means here Wahl. We explain why this Technology is particularly useful in HR management.

Digital documents are signed with a digital signature. Anyone who signs a document acknowledges its content. This acknowledgment can be seen by third parties, as is the identity of the person who has become aware of it. The electronic signature thus fulfills essential components of the manual signature. Electronic signatures are used to sign contracts as well as other documents, such as offers.

How does the digital signature work?

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There are different versions of electronic signatures, which differ among other things in terms of security level and effort. In HR management, the simple and the advanced electronic signature are mainly used (only in individual cases is the qualified electronic signature needed).

In the case of the simple signature, a cryptographic element is inserted into a document in a simplified manner. The advanced electronic signature also identifies the person signing and meets higher security requirements overall, for example in terms of data integrity. Public and private keys are also used.

Advantages of the electronic signature in HR management

Electronic signatures offer recruiters and HR managers significant advantages. In this area of ​​the company, a lot of documents have to go through different hands go. In practice, this often leads to significant delays and Costs.

An example: A document is to be acknowledged by five team members and a manager. If this is done digitally, in many companies this means: all five team members receive the document via email, print it out and sign it. The document is then scanned and sent to the other participants as an email attachment. The time required for printing, signing and scanning is enormous - especially if some of those involved work in the home office and may not have the necessary infrastructure there.

Typical fields of application of the electronic signature in HR departments

In human resources departments, however, electronic signatures offer something completely different Features: They can be combined with other functions in HR Management. For example, it is possible to define an approval workflow. Should about five team members comments on a Job Interview add one before the team leader decision meets, this can be set up very easily using digital signatures.

The team leader is informed when all five team members have electronically signed the document - and can then make their decision. The digital signature ensures that the documents are not changed illegally or unintentionally. The technology enables faster processes and a better Teamwork.

Better applicant experience and better employer branding

Halved processing times and also financial savings, for example when concluding contracts: The use of the technology puts companies in a better position. However, electronic signatures not only save time and money as well as (environmentally harmful) paper. There are also advantages for other participants outside of HR management. The applicant experience often improves when processes are faster and more transparent.

It is extremely pleasant for applicants to receive a personally signed document via the Status to get the application status. applicant feel treated individually and get a better impression of the company. A consistently guaranteed, good applicant experience, in turn, improves employer branding and thus the position of the employee Company in total.

Digital signature is often included in HR software

HR software often already contains options for digital signatures - and thus enables use at no additional cost. In the learning software, digital signatures are possible, for example for digital personnel files, contracts, applications and many other documents. Good software enables the creation of an individual signature workflow and thus accelerates all processes in HR management.

Functions for sharing and managing signed documents are also part of the scope of services of more and more HR software solutions. For example, it is possible to send digitally signed documents directly to employees' electronic mailboxes - and thus avoid unsecure sending to private e-mail addresses. This process also makes it easier and more secure to meet data protection requirements.

Electronic signatures are legally secure

Electronic signatures are currently experiencing a boom, but are not entirely new. In fact, the history of this technology now goes back around 20 years. The procedure has long been legally secured - not just in Germany, but throughout Europe. The eIDAS regulation regulates essential requirements for so-called trust service providers (i.e. providers of digital signatures) on an international level. In Germany this is supported by the Trust Services Act as well as the Trust Services Ordinance implemented in national law.

The eIDAS regulation regulates further electronic trust services such as electronic seals and time stamps, electronic registered mail and website certificates. The use of digitized documents is generally possible in all EU member states as well as in the EEA without restrictions and without additional legal risks.

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