Language actually means nothing more than words and Regulatehow the individual elements are linked together. This is particularly noticeable when what is said is not understood - for example in technical language.


Danger in the jargon?

In technical terms, terms are used, often also abbreviated speaking, which colleagues understand without difficulty - but only these. It can go so far that such a speaker cannot linguistically change to another level because he is speaking in this special language
is already stuck.

For example, if you talk like this when you first contact a customer, you shouldn’t be surprised if the customer wants someone else Adviser is expressed.

Negotiations are about understanding

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Negotiations are not just about content, you just have to talk to each other. And you have to understand!

The underlying Problem must first tell the person concerned from the outsidespiegelbecome T; But that is often not easy, because conceptual security is always a training goal and signals professionalism.

Who are my listeners?

But the same applies here: it's not about black or white, about good or bad, it's about useful are mixtures that are produced in the respective communication situation and are organized for precisely these partners at this time and place in this context.

A precommunicative situation analysis, which can provide information about, is always helpful
the expected audience.

A too low vocabulary?

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It is much easier to work on another phenomenon: it might sound exaggerated, but on several occasions the vocabulary of young counselors is very low.

The ones concerned Candidates are technically really good, but use “have”, “do” and “there is” almost stereotypically in their oral performance.

The ability to code switching

Linguistics speaks here of a restricted code. - Simple remedy: read, and not again, literary literature, but proper books. Also fast help promising: write even texts, fantasy stories, or also: diary.

The vocabulary cannot be big enough. Objective is a so-called elaborate code, i.e. the ability to have sufficient choices for formulations on the basis of an extensive vocabulary, depending on the partner, previous history, topic and situation; this also includes the ability to code-switch.

What a communication trainer regularly experiences in seminars, workshops and further training events are unused opportunities and wasted potential among the participants. Because the Significance of voice and language is often underestimated.

Why the voice is so important

Thus, not a few consultants are not easy to understand - linguistically, speaking, acoustically - although it is generally known how crucial voice and speech are in consulting work.

If you ask, those affected had never been corrected or informed about 90% or even referred to exercise options. Against this background, it should be in all behavioral training in the CorporateAs much as has already been said, it is always a question of observing and analyzing the areas of voice, language, and speech. From this, development opportunities can then be identified.

Voice and language carry the personality

With business partners negotiate, in front customers present, appear in a telephone and video conference, Meetings lead - in all forms orally Communication Voice, language and speaking are also crucial for successful communication.

As is well known, voice and speaking as the realization of language 'carry' the Personality. The aim of the following considerations is therefore I aufmerksam to make on parameters whose further development contributes to the optimization of the communication personality.

Effort-free speaking is learnable

The voice should work effortlessly, be resilient and also sound melodious - quite high demands. You have to know that the voice is genetically determined to a certain extent; nevertheless, what we organize with the voice - the voice guidance, the sound of the voice, the right 'seat' - can be changed.

So it doesn't have to be that someone speaks quietly and breathlessly until the end of their lives just because they started at some point. Just like that, it's not a set fate when presenting with so much pressure and effort and fast also to speak hoarsely, that after ten minutes the first listeners become restless, occupy themselves with other things, switch off - the effort of listening to a voice that is damaged to a certain extent is simply too great.

When listeners get hoarse

What that means for presentations, is obvious. In an extreme case, a listener of such a voice can subsequently be even hoarse - although he has not said a word.

If you also include the fact that speakers should think carefully about what they want to do before the rhetorical Performance or drink in the middle, will clearhow complex this subtopic is: juices act astringent (apple) or mucolytic (orange), coffee and tea dry out, mineral water with a lot of carbonic acid increases the entertainment value of the Presentation – so: only water is announced.

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