There is no Projects without conflicts. Because in every project there are different ones People with different interests and very different personalities.


How do conflicts arise?

Many conflicts in projects result from different goals, unrealistic estimates and plans, or from the fact that you are involved in the project as a Team do not work well together.

But conflicts are brewing. If you have signs of one Konflikt recognise, then you can address most conflicts in good time or through preventive measures Measures even avoid.

Prevention is better than cure

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Make sure that agreements and agreements are adhered to. Be a role model and keep your promises yourself. Keep an eye on whether individual project employees are overloaded. Address the overload on the affected employees.

Make sure that all members of the project team are equally well informed by you. Incidental remarks in a project meeting, such as “I always get everything last”, are an indication that not all project team members are on the same level of information.

Just ask!

Ask Find out what you can do to ensure that everyone involved is equally well informed.

If, for example, the project client decision is made for the project that not all project team members agree with, then justify why the decision was made and make it comprehensible for the project team.

What's going on well?

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Establish cooperation with your team over time. For this purpose, discuss:

Project staff are people

Conflicts can be prevented if you consciously take the time to pay attention to small inconsistencies and personal peaks. Consider your project workers as people, and not as a pure resource for your project.

Create a trusting atmosphere in which you listen and respond to the needs of your project staff. Also, be self-critical. This is how you show that you are not omniscient either.

Development possibilities of the team members

For the Success of a project team, it is crucial that each team member recognizes the opportunity for further development in working together. Project employees who have prospects for a task work more motivated.

Most employees burn to use their abilities. If he is in the wrong place, the best employee can not develop his abilities. Permanent challenge caused boredom and demotivated.

High use is not self-evident

Many employees work in projects with great operational readiness and bring extraordinary achievements. In difficult situations, most project workers are willing to work overtime or work on the weekend to keep a milestone for the project.

This high level of commitment is not a matter of course, so you should recognize the commitment of your employees in good time. Honest praise is enough for that. If you praise your team promptly after extraordinary effort, your project team will recognize that you have genuine interest in the team and individual achievements and Performance I aufmerksam . track

Praise always for the concrete achievement

The praise should be related to a concrete achievement. If the project team carried out some software tests at the weekend, so that the errors in the software can be rectified directly on Monday, then thank you directly on Monday for this.

And also make sure that the Executives the employee found out about the praise. For example, you can sign up with a eMail thank the team for its commitment and copy the executives of the project staff in copy. This shows your interest in the cause and in the people.

Do not wait with praise

We'll show you with one checklisthow you can effectively avoid and solve typical conflicts in projects. Wait with yours recognition and your praise not until the project completion party. It's motivating when you also acknowledge the achievement of intermediate results and your Esteem demonstrate.

If the project manager responds positively to project results, then pass on this praise to your project team.

Checklist: Signs of impending conflicts in your project

Please note: Not every conflict is pronounced openly. In this case, signals always show up first. For example:

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