The striving of People after success and Career Employers can make use of for the success of their company.


Maximum performance through recognition

The Satisfaction of the employee with his Workplace and consequently also indirectly the long-term success of the Company, depends on several obvious factors, one of them being the salary and staff management.

The extent to which people's natural striving for success and career can also influence employee satisfaction is an interesting question Reset through relatively inexpensive Measures achieve an even more profound effect for the company. Because if it turns out that there is a close connection here, the prospect of a promising title or the laudable one could already be there recognition by successfully implemented projects that encourage employees to perform at their best at work.

Employer ratings as a data source

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Various sources and methods can be used to analyze a possible connection. In the following we access the database of the longest since 2006 in the German-speaking Internet active portal for employer evaluation back. Employee evaluations of their employers have been published there for ten years now, so that a very comprehensive data material can be used here for the purpose of an investigation.

First of all, it is important to clarify whether a significant proportion of the workforce is oriented towards success and career orientation before the next step is taken to determine the strength of the relationship between employee satisfaction and this aspiration.

Company strategy with mix of measures

To this end, the results of the survey conducted among the visitors, recently published on jobvoting, can be used according to their very personal degree of success orientation. According to this, there is an overwhelming majority among Germany's employees who understand their own career as a driving force. Say and write 67 percent of the interviewees say that success and career are important to them very important

Only 33 percent among the survey participants can be influenced less or not at all by such factors. It can therefore be said that at least from this point of view a career-promoting personnel policy should be ensured.

Employee motivation and HR strategy

Can it now also be determined that this has a significant impact on the satisfaction of the Employees increase if it were almost indispensable. And in fact, a correlation effect of at least 0,785 can be determined through a correlation analysis of the employer ratings submitted on jobvoting.

A correlation effect of approximately plus one basically implies a close connection, whereas in zero there is no connection. However, a value of minus one indicates a reverse relationship. Compared to the calculated correlation effects of 0,724 in salary and 0,847 in the management of employees, career chances are at a quite comparable level. A bundle of measures from all of these factors represents a highly promising corporate strategy, which in the long term can be expected to produce the best results.

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