It's the many little things with which Executives frequently in ways and are therefore smiled at or not accepted at all by their employees.

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Good management: what is the job of executives?

A good Manager can do a lot: He or she instructs the right ones Set, the right Strategy, the right way, motivates and inspires the Employees. But a good manager can also make mistakes and own up to them.

Many managers agree that good management is one of the most important prerequisites for the success of a company. It is all the more astonishing that the search for the ideal boss type is not always successfully runs.

What skills make a good boss

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Because there are different traits and skills that go beyond that decidewho makes a good boss - and who doesn't. Above all, managers should be professional and interpersonal competently .

Because who a Company or leads teams, is repeatedly exposed to various imponderables. For example, with regard to the question of what is happening to the company in the course of digital and global development. And what do you think happens when the employees realize that the manager doesn't have a clue?

To lead people is to communicate clearly

People but to lead also means to talk to people, to communicate skillfully. To be a great leader, you have to know when to be gentle and when to be tough. That means you have to have a real mix of tenderness and brutality.

You have to be friendly and communicative to find ways to make difficult decisions. But if you nice is, that may be the greatest weakness therefore a certain degree of brutality is also necessary in order to enforce these decisions.

Good communication is always a question of perspective

But Communication is always relative. I think we've all met people who talk a lot but don't say anything, don't make statements. However, a leader is expected to use a few words to convey their message clear and clearly communicated.

This includes avoiding subjunctive moods such as: “You should…”, “I would like to…” or “Somebody should…”. If you would like to find out more about your choice of words, then run a dictaphone along more often and then listen to your own words. You then determine whether you are precise and unambiguous forms or rather, with a lot of verbal rubbish, your statement.

Everyone has its own role

As a manager, you are in a different role from the other employees, from your colleagues. And in this new role, you should be your salary split into three parts. The first part is rewarding your leadership, ie making sure that your department achieves set goals in set times.

You can consider the second part of the salary as a fee, because you now play a hopefully credible role on the stage of the company. You are now expected to act as a motivating role model. You are welcome to book the third part of your salary as “compensation for pain and suffering”, because in your position between your boss and your employees there will be occasional situations in which you will take a “beating” between the two fronts. The third part should, however, be in the low single-digit percentage range at most.

Believe the role playing

One more note on the subject of wages and a role. How do you recognize a good actor? Because you don't even notice that he's playing a role, but that you believe he's the person whose role he embodies. That means it works authentic. That's why only very good actors can play every role believably. Believable, that's the keyword. You've probably seen executives where you can tell they're not comfortable in their role feel.

You will be more sorry than Respect brought. And if you don't feel comfortable in your role, you fall fast out of the role and everyone realizes that it was a miscast. It's not for nothing that people say that someone grows into a role. The quicker and better you manage to change roles, the better your chances of getting a new one Engagement – maybe even on a different stage.

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