apply steadily and collect one rejection after the other? Then it may be that you make classic mistakes in the application that can be avoided.

Rejection when applying: The 4 most common mistakes when looking for a job

4 classic mistakes that can cost applicants the job

Anyone looking for a job is faced with the task of finding the right job. It is important to know the potential employer well, what the job entails and what of it Candidate is expected. Also, you need your special qualities and skills, your Set, Your talents, your achievements, your attitudes and your Motivation turn out Your application must authentic, Honestly and imagine yourself as you really are.

Everyone makes mistakes from time to time. We all make mistakes. Sometimes the errors are harmless, e.g. For example, if you accidentally delete a picture from an email message. Other times they can be more serious. In contrast to other areas of life, however, when you apply for a job you do not have the opportunity to correct mistakes that have already been made.

The first impression a Candidate leaves, decides on a possible Future im Company. Errors in the application process can therefore cost us the long-awaited dream job. happen in the process fast Mistakes, especially if you are inexperienced. What are the most common application mistakes and how can you avoid them?

1. Be careful with online applications

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To technical development on account to wear, many companies are now on Online- Application process changed. Applicants have the opportunity to submit their documents on digital ways submitted as a PDF or fill out prepared online forms that contain the most important information. This application process is a relief for the HR department, since the Employees no longer have to rummage through mountains of paper.

For the applicant, the effort is much greater, because it has to deal with a large number of data, which must be put into a suitable form. It is relatively often the case that the data are not checked before sending.

Bewerbungs Tip

Applicants should therefore state the destination address with every application check. Recruiters have a vigilant Eye - is this letter of application incorrectly addressed, the file will almost certainly be sorted out.

2. Gaps in the curriculum vitae

Contrary to popular belief Opinions it is not mandatory in a Curriculum vitae indicate a professional station for each month. Did you look for the Study granted a longer break or taken a break between two jobs, this can usually be explained in a comprehensible way. But you shouldn't overdo it: If your CV has gaps of several years, you'll end up in one Job Interview quickly into a spin.

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Many job candidates hide positions in which they were not happy. Applicants should therefore not miss any phase of their professional career: it is far better to stand by your mistakes and that HR to show that one is capable of learning. Some bosses even prefer to look for people whose résumés have rough edges. Anyone who has already overcome a few crises in their life is better able to get through difficult professional phases and, if necessary, make uncomfortable decisions.

3. Lack of knowledge about the desired company

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In order to collect plus points from the responsible HR manager, it is advisable to collect some basic information about the company in question. If the application shows that the sender knows nothing about the company other than the address, the failure is preprogrammed. In any case, you should be able to answer the following question: "Why do you think our company is the right employer for you?"

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Applicants should research the company's products thoroughly, even if it takes a lot of time. Who is well prepared for job interview appears is opposite to its competitors clear in advantage. Are the required professional qualifications in Order, a job is within reach.

4. Not being authentic

Another big mistake: Many applicants want to curry favor with the recruiter or employer, are unsure what they want and will say or do anything to get the job. However, this quickly leaves the applicants desperate and unattractive for the employer act. But that's not the biggest Problem: Those who disguise themselves must continue to play this charade every day from now on in their new job. Nobody can stand that in the long run. And: You don't even get the job that really suits you that way.

Bewerbungs Tip

Being authentic doesn't mean all facets of your Personality to show. One should still act professionally. The hallmarks of an authentic application are: keep it short, keep it simple, and keep it real. The first point is that the application should be short. You should respond directly and to the point about your skills and experience. The second point is that the application should be easy. Don't give too much unnecessary information about your hobbies and other things that aren't relevant to the job.

Conclusion: learn from your own mistakes, don't give up, keep going

In conclusion, I hope this Article Gave you an insight into how to apply for each position. Especially if you receive a lot of rejections, I recommend that you keep checking your application process for errors. Then you can show potential employers that you are the best person for the job and that is exactly what they are looking for.

And when it really goes wrong, always remember: The best way to find a job is to keep looking and keep looking, not giving up and learning from your mistakes.

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