To make our work processes more efficient, it is usefulto automate them. But Change-Management can only be implemented if one thinks that far at all. Practical tips.

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Change Management in Germany: Euphoria vs. Euphoria refusal

In Germany, there are currently two groups, it seems to me: The progress of the euphoric and the refusal to progress. And the former simply can not manage to infect the others with their enthusiasm.

So yesterday I read an article about the first planned and then prevented Google campus in Berlin-Kreuzberg and the Resistance the local resident, on the other hand, which ultimately led to that Projects was not implemented. The Article rather one-sidedly presented the advantages of a Google campus overly euphorically, but quite allowed for the special Berlin situation fast disregard rising rents. If you lived in Berlin for five years like I did, you understand why the project had to fail.

If you want change, you have to change thinking patterns first!

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It is not enough to complain about the inability of others to progress People omit: Human brains cannot be reversed at will, because other people often have completely different thought patterns than you do.

The other evening I got an impressive example of this: I saw an old, rather poor-looking one at Cologne Central Station Ms. ready to drag down the stairs a cart loaded with a bag and a water box. I asked, "Isn't there an elevator here?" The woman said no.

Better, simpler solutions take place instead of having the same problems again

In such cases, some people offer themselves as help for towing, I have my own opinion with that due to health restrictions Problems. Also, I was due to logic clearthat there had to be an elevator somewhere on the railroad track. And now, since my connection was delayed, I went to look for it for her - and after a few minutes I found it at almost exactly the other end of the platform.

From this I imagined two Ask:

  1. Why can not Deutsche Bahn advertise its barrier-free entrances better and more clearly if you install them for a lot of money, even at such an important station?
  2. And why do some people not even think about making life much easier if they were just looking for a better solution? Instead, why would you rather stick to the arduous, old path, even if it's obvious that there are better solutions?

That's why change processes are complicated

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Incidentally, I don't think the woman was happier now, but rather annoyed. She probably thought she'd gone down the stairs much faster herself. In this respect, you should also make your own Motivation scrutinize occasionally.

Apart from that, this simple example shows very impressively how complicated processes of change actually are in humans, and accordingly, I am now surprised that anything changes at all.

When do automation make sense?

In addition: Not every automation and change makes sense at all. The question should therefore be asked: When does automation actually make sense - and when not (anymore)? In my opinion, they make sense if they use us and, as routine processes, save time. But they are no longer useful if they are yours Objective fail and in the worst case even cost us time.

An example: With WordPress you can set up shortcodes for everything by default. For example, I set up a shortcode that shows the name of my blog. In practice it looks like this: I type [B in dent text and it becomes Best of HR -® is displayed.

When automations do even more work

So far so nice. I can remember this shortcode well because I use it relatively often. Unfortunately, this is not the case with other shortcodes. And for technical reasons, the structure is different every time - some require an =, others do not. My personal tip to shortcode fans would be at this point: if there are shortcodes, then all after the same one Pattern. But that is not the issue here.

The topic is that I actually also need a shortcode list - and another work step. Automation is a curse and a blessing at the same time. I also remember the many times I spent hours in the Internet spent googling for automations for a small task - in the meantime I'd probably have everything from Hand done faster.

How much automation makes sense?

It also becomes problematic when any tool or service suddenly fails its service. For example, because the service is discontinued or sold. Or because the updated version of the program no longer fits the useful add-on. Unfortunately, this happens to me quite often.

And then a heretical thought germinates in me: Perhaps automations and all these automation tools are not nearly as meaningful as we always think. Maybe one should sometimes just refrain from squeezing the last of efficiency out of his work routine and just take things easy. Maybe that will lead to more people getting excited about change?

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