That too! You should talk about the topic XYZ, of all things, which is not really your thing. And where everything in you resists it. It is clear, when you step before your auditorium in this state, it's yours Lecture doomed to fail, even with optimal preparation. What can you do?


Do this to your topic

First of all, accept that the issue in you triggers something stopping. Perhaps it is not the theme itself, which slows down, but the associations triggered by the theme.

Which of the two possibilities is, but you do not need to explore in detail now, it is enough to know that something is slowing down.

What does the audience expect?

The books on the subject (advertising)

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Now go to yours in your mind Audience. People want to hear from you, and to an extent for sure also experience something. You are the one who gives you this Reset and will convey the experience.

That's your role, that's why you own it Expertise. Now write yours Rede up, the keywords of the most important content are sufficient. Underline some of the most important words on which the content of the presentation depends.

The image in front of the inner eye

Imagine each of the underlined terms, leave them in front of your mind Eye a colourful, three-dimensional and moving picture of the object or of this object is created.

Be highly creative here, so that this inner image is so vibrant with life. Now, pronounce the words aloud, the edited keywords suffice. But do not speak until the colored, lively picture is absolutely present in you.

Why the right association is important

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It is very important that you closely link the speech to the picture, so that no word comes over your lips, to which there is not a living image in front of your inner eye.

The associations that arise in front of your inner eye are very important: they help you to convey a picture of what you want to say that is as vivid and vivid as possible. And these positive ones emotions will be transferred to the reader.

Emotional quality

If you succeed, go through the terms again and allow yourself their qualities such as smells, sounds or even theirs Significance for humans or perhaps for all of humanity to explore.

This gives meaning to these terms, creates a certain generality that is understandable for all people.

The power of associations

In the next step, speak the terms out loud again, having both the image and the emotional qualities present before you speak.

So we have now learned how important associations are to content successfully to be able to deliver. But something else is also important: personal involvement and emotions.

Link images with personal experiences

Therefore, there now follows a further crowning step: You link the terms with your personal experiences and/or your personal experience. It doesn't work for everyone right away Term, especially when it comes to technical or scientific terms.

But go and search. You might find a memory or a story that uses those terms Personality gives. Of course, it's best when you're here Humour comes to fruition.

The visual and emotional quality is important

Now go through the terms again and speak, if the picture, the quality and the personal relationship are absolutely clear in front of your inner eye.

You must to practice! It is a demanding task to make the visual, emotional and personal quality of each concept present in the shortest possible time.

Speak with presence

Now you speak your entire lecture, but do not begin a meaning section around one of these key words until the three qualities of the key concept are present in your inner experience.

Did you record the first version of your lecture and now the last one? It would be exciting, what is the big difference between the two variants.

Plastically present

Compact: Speak plastic! Concepts and themes that do not lie with us are enlivened by the fact that we have a colorful, living image in front of us, feel qualities such as odors, noises and moods and connect them with personal experience.

Have you got fun with the themes of your negative list? I wish it to you, for we can not press against it.

What to do if the topic is not ours

Sooner or later, we are confronted with a topic that is absolutely not ours. So, if you want to refuse a topic at the first moment, please be pleased.

It takes only a little more attention than your favorite subjects, in order to be able to finally become one!

Example: The plastic language of a lecturer

Melanie is a lecturer. She teaches adults who are in the workforce. Like her colleagues, she is technically well trained. Nevertheless, she feels insecure on many points. She feels like she doesn't know enough yet. For them it is questionable whether the lessons meet the demands of their students. Melanie's feelings contrast with the feedback she gets from students and colleagues. She is considered committed and competently. Nevertheless, in her self-assessment she focuses on critical teaching moments.

Where does the self-image come from?

Like every legend, the self-image of Melanie has a real core. Characterized by the high standards which her parents made to her, she is not content with herself, and she puts this disorder on her teaching situation.

Therefore, in this case, the work begins directly in the Head. Melanie sees her situation from a new perspective.

Share life experience

Those who come to her classes want to learn something. They want concrete help so that they can Everyday life cope better. Melanie can best convey this help by sharing personal life experiences with her listeners.

This first step is followed by a second, which has to do with conveying the subject matter. Melanie - she teaches Psychology - now associates a term with each teaching content, which she creates as a three-dimensional, colored image in front of the inner eye.

With humor

In a third step, she now links the material with a situation that is as humorous as possible that she has personally experienced. Between each individual step, she recited a few sentences from the lesson material. The change at the sound of her voice is striking.

The newly acquired angle of view causes her voice to become more sonorous, more sonorous, and appealing to the listener from lecture sequence to lecture sequence. The change is also clearly visible for Melanie. The meeting with the pupils now works.

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