Many good business ideas come about by chance because someone recognizes a need and takes action. This is how taxi sharing came about.

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A normal business trip

Actually it was a normal business trip. Get out of the plane, into the taxi and off to the hotel. And as usual I was annoyed again this time that I had to pay for the taxis almost more than for the flight ticket.

I was not alone with my anger. Almost at the same time, two other businessmen came out of their taxis I had already seen at the airport.

Be active instead of annoying

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In a telephone conversation with an acquaintance, I made my anger at first. And when he then talked about a similar experience, it made my point.

You should actually be able to share the taxi. Especially at large airports there is definitely someone who wants to go in the same direction. "If it were that easy, someone would have invented it long ago," said my friend.

"Only those who risk what can win something."

The Idea still didn't let go of me. And 10 months later the internet portal went online. Via the homepage or soon via a smartphone app fast and easily passengers with the same Objective find and with you the Costs divide.

The registration as well as the transfer search or the transfer of your own transfer offers is completely free of charge. The transfer partners must be able to use max. 79 Cent.

A lot of enthusiasm, lots of work and the right partner

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The last year has brought about one thing - lots of work. I have to admit, one has an idea, but over the rat tail that dranhangen, one makes itself only once no thoughts.

conception, design, programming, Marketing and, and, and... The necessary know-how and manpower for all of this Tasks contributed a friend with his own advertising agency.

Advertising on a small budget

Good ideas prevail. This applies to transfAIRo as well as to the planned marketing activities. Because here it has to be Company initially get along without a large advertising budget.

creativity is therefore not only in demand for advertising, but also when dealing with costs. And smartin advertising gmbh is responsible for that. With guerrilla campaigns, social media marketing and promotions, the Cologne agency beats the advertising drum for transfAIRo.

The first customers will be noticed

The environment also benefits from the idea. Because in addition to the travel costs, the CO2 emissions per kilometer driven are also halved. Two good reasons why the first large companies on transfAIRo I aufmerksam .

I am happy, finally, that is the best confirmation to have done the right thing.

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