Just as musicians must tune into each other for a harmonious performance, so should they Seller proceed. The right attunement to the customers sets the course for the Success.


Learning at the orchestra

What applies to an orchestra also applies to sales. Just as musicians have to tune into one another for a harmonious performance, salespeople should also proceed. The right attunement to the customer and what is to come Conversation sets the course for success. This works best with an effective composition of ratio and emotions.
“There is no such thing as a rational and conscious customer. Many signals to buy a product or service come from the Brain translated into direct purchasing behavior without the customer being aware of it. Any product or service that doesn’t evoke emotion is worthless to the brain.”
(Dr. Hans-Georg Häusel, psychologist)

Complex connections between reason and emotional world

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A salesperson should be aware of these complex relationships between reason and emotional world. Only then can he classify them and apply them in his personal sales technique and benefit from it.

The parallel to the music lies on the Hand. Just be here positive Emotions only aroused when in the orchestra the Harmony right: the interplay of different instruments, different people, diverse skills and abilities. A touching result can only be heard if each individual musician does justice to every note of a composition in all its facets.

In sales this means:

Successful (he) will be a seller first,

  1. if every detail is right
  2. if it improves in every phase
  3. really everything takes into account what helps to sell

Facts love feelings

Discounts for your success (advertising)!

The sale is characterized by facts, by numbers. Whether it is the price of a particular product, including the discount rate, whether it is ordered quantities or exact dimensions. Sales include annual targets and certain sales forecasts, the number of new customer contacts and also the kilometers driven in the field.

Conversely, modern brain research proves how useful it is to link factual arguments and product strengths as well as facts and figures with human, individual and deep-seated needs.

So why focus on the ratio alone when it's proven that emotions are more crucial to how we make decisions?

Music is available in sales using the rationmotion® method

A coherent connection between rationality and emotions is required. The ratiomotion®-Method. Using it makes it easier for the seller to recognize and correctly classify the complex connections between rationality and emotions in the sales process.

This is not a theoretical treatise, but a practical and pragmatic guide for your personal sales success. The entire sales process is presented in a structured manner and the specified steps can be integrated into the personal sales technique.

Sharpen the emotional tools

But first of all that means sharpening the emotional tools. Anyone who wants to be successful in sales in the future needs, in addition to a well-tied “technical package”, above all empathy Charisma. Then the sales pitch will not just be a performance, but will become a top-class concert.
The music plays in sales!

Properly and entrepreneurially.

Music is also in the sales! Literally referring to each individual salesperson who is to make the right decision at the customer.

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