How can you at one Rede the Attention captivates and retains his listeners? There are also a number of stylistic devices that ensure action. we introduce them to you.

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The old antithesis of good and evil!

You already know that, too, because every action film can do it Style-Medium perfect: The contrast, also called antithesis in technical jargon, between opposites such as fast - slow, wasteful - profitable, complicated - simple etc. It even works cross-culturally.

The mode of action of the antithesis is: The dark anti-value makes my value shine even brighter. And the contrast ensures that the listener does not drift away mentally, but stays attentive to the point. Similarly stimulating act by the way, also purposefully used Ask. Both stylistic devices bring action into your speech.

Rhetoric of political speech

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Even in politics, political speech and rhetoric, the antithesis, the contrast of one of the most popular stylistic devices, is the voters 'and listeners' favor: right - left, up - down, black - white, light - dark.

But the antithesis can also be used effectively in an economic context forms: fast - slow, wasteful - profitable, complicated - simple etc. Very archaic ones are served Pattern: Every successful film, every exciting novel, but also every stirring speech thrives on the contrast between good and evil. So a real highlight.

Stylistic overview: sharpening with antitheses

The antithesis can also be increased by the fact that the anti-value is disproved in the argument by my thesis (concessio, prolepsis), or even ridiculed as with the irony.

Here are some stylistic devices of the rhetorical antithesis at a glance:

To stimulate thinking with rhetorical questions

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But questions also bring action in yours Lecture – one should simply not underestimate their great effect. Because questions stimulate thought and initiate targeted interactions. With questions you can draw yours in no time Audience from his World into yours – and so bring him yours message vicinity.

But questions make your audience, your listeners, more curious. More ideas, more inspiration, more answers. With questions, you can create a suspense for the answer/Solution build up if you don't answer them right away.

Attracting attention with questions

Compared to assertions, questions have the great advantage that they get the attention switch in the Brain of the listener to “on”. Questions are persuasive because they create less pressure than assertions.

Because pressure creates back pressure, questions decreases the resistance in the audience against your position. Instead, listeners are encouraged to think. Here are two examples:

  1. Rhetorical question: Suggestive sham question. They get a “yes” (approval) or a “no” (rejection of the opposite position) from the audience and are an important step in the persuasion process.
  2. Direct questions to the audience / to the interlocutor: Exchange and interaction with the audience. To be on the right track with his arguments.

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