The Application was successful, you are to job interview invited? Congratulations. But now the real challenge begins: How do I even prepare for an interview? Some basic tips to keep in mind:

Job interview

Success in the interview: The basics are important

One thing is clear: job interviews allow certain conclusions to be drawn about the type of future cooperation - e.g. B. like that Candidate responds to pressure, what motivates him and how he interacts with others. An applicant who rather negative comes across that he doesn't respond to that Conversation is prepared or he fast nervous, this is already an alarm signal for the potential employer

Of course everyone is HR and each Company a little different, has different preferences, different focuses or pays attention to completely different points. And what one still lets go is an absolute no-go for the other.

Nevertheless, there are some basic points that every candidate should consider. Because studies show: Instead of rummaging through the mountains of adviser literacy and, if possible, distributing it, one should rather concentrate on the basics, which are really necessary to leave a top impression during the entire application process.

The do's in the job interview

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A basic tip is, for example, to obtain sufficient information about the company - because nothing proves so much of disinterest as a poorly informed candidate.

Accordingly, part of the preparation is that you focus on the most common and tricky ones Ask prepared for the interview. You can find many more tips in my Article Optimal preparation for the interview.

And the don'ts for applicants

You can do a lot of things well in an interview – and also make a lot of mistakes. My post on the worst interview mistakes shows how applicants are after Opinions of many HR managers shoot out themselves. Roughly by talking badly about the former Executive speaks, dresses incorrectly, or picks his nose.

If studies are too abstract and too impersonal, you should read the interview with company manager Jürgen Schwarz. The leads Test Applications through, ie he gives the Candidates afterwards also an honest one Feedback - e.g. about their style of clothing, racist statements or noticeable gaps in the Curriculum vitae.

8 tips for a successful job interview: Attention, faux pas!

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It is therefore still surprising that some applicants commit real mega faux pas during the interview. Therefore some tips for a successful job interview:

  1. Therefore, inform yourself well about the company, practice answers to possible questions beforehand and remain professional.
  2. Do your homework: Nothing shows less interest than a poorly informed applicant. Nowadays, finding information about a company and its business activities is easier than ever. Applicants who do not use this option are quickly labeled lazy, unmotivated or uninterested.
  3. Don't get too personal: No company wants an employee to bring their personal problems to work.
  4. Even if the conversation is so casual, always stay professional and avoid unnecessary personal information.
  5. Be honest: you are not required to have answers for everything. Often times, employers just check your response to tricky questions to see how you handle pressure. It is far worse to get caught lying than to admit that you don't know something. If you're not sure, it's safe to admit that you don't know the answer. But briefly explain how you would approach the issue - it shows that you can solve problems.
  6. Prepare yourself for the following open questions: “Tell me something about yourself!”, “Why do you want to work for us?”, “What motivates you?”.
  7. These questions seem easy to answer, but on the other hand, they are so vague that applicants can get out of the concept if they don't know where to start or where to end.
  8. Do not say anything negative: No matter how seductive it is to tell your story of suffering from previous jobs and no matter how much the interviewer urges, it is never a good idea to say something negative about a previous employer. Your counterpart will conclude that you will also talk badly about his company in the future.

Critical tones for the job interview

But there are also critical tones to the Methods, according to which applicants are selected in the interview: For example, the question of whether HR cannot tolerate the truth that is in the Industry caused a lot of interest.

Or the question of whether Assessment Center as a selection method at all Sinn make because they are by no means uncontroversial. Especially since a study shows that above all highly qualified applicants Don't bother trying to get the job when it's time Assessment-Center goes.

More tips for job interview and assessment centers

I would like to recommend a funny video that will turn the tables for once: All power to the applicant during the interview. Matching this to my interview ZEIT ONLINE on the subject Confident to the new job.

In our corresponding Heading application tips you will find many more tips and hints on the subject. In this sense: a lot Success in the interview!

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