Is it possible to conduct sales calls stress-free? Hardly likely. Because the requirements for this Job are enormously high. After all, sales success is decisive for the Future of Companythat you represent.

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No more stress?

Everyone knows pressure Seller. The majority has come to terms with it and accepts it as a natural part of their everyday work. The stress factors are as diverse as how you deal with them.

Sellers must meet targets and ideally exceed them. Their results - successes such as failures - are constantly being put to the test. They are usually mercilessly commented and controlled.

The chaff of the wheat

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Praise and blame are as close together as Success and failure. Commissions are good for the ego, sanctions can be devastating, entail a drop in salary and thus also affect the private sphere.

Sinn and the purpose of result-oriented control systems in sales is to uncover who belongs to the service providers and who is lagging behind. They relentlessly explain who meets their requirements and who doesn't.

Eliminate stressors

The omnipresent control systems can not be circumvented. But the typical traps into which salesmen can step. If potential complications are identified in advance, they are also calculated or even avoided.

the Channel customers are also friends someday. But Shop is business! seller or in general People with customers are often exposed to the psychological phenomenon of "displaced aggression". Everyone has bad moments sometimes. We are dissatisfied with our job, our employer, our Family or ourselves.

This is the take-me-now-personal trap

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Every now and then it all comes together. In such a case it is easier for many instead of a possible one Konflikt to leave out with those who are affected, for example an outsider - and who better than a salesman here?

It can fast once happen that one Customer or a guest “explodes” and the provider doesn’t even know what’s happening to him because he can’t understand why he’s suddenly so upset. Instead of taking such a verbal attack personally, the following procedure is recommended:

  1. Sometimes criticism doesn't matter, sometimes not: How one reacts to criticism depends crucially on one's own self-esteem, the current emotions and the facts, whether one feels caught or not. Sometimes it is helpful not always to react immediately, but to pause for a while to be more aware of the allegations.
  2. Swam over it: Those who feel personally offended should address this. Sometimes things are said quickly that others do not mean. Often you get something in the "wrong throat". However, it has to be good when you have spoken out. After all, you want to continue working with your customers / colleagues.
  3. False pride: Even if one does not feel responsible for the break of a relationship, it can still be good to reach the other hand. Often, both sides regret the negative development. Whoever is looking for a contact after a certain time interval, when the waves smoothed again, shows true greatness.

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