Someone recently told me that although he was a marketeer, he was not a chatterbox. That shows how big they are Anxiety before small talk is with many. Roland Panter summarized his impressions of the re:publica in a funny way – and also on Best of HR -® there are lots of tips about small talk - including from LinkedInFounders and a Nobel laureate.

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The networking secrets of the LinkedIn founder

Last summer I did LinkedIn founder Konstantin Guericke interviewed, who also revealed to me his networking secret: whenever he needed new contacts, he went to lunch with someone.

After all, most people need food and why not do something interesting Conversation to lead? Systematic lunch, so to speak. A really good one Idea. Only your own table manners should perhaps not be so bad for this - a few tips for the Small-Talk-Knigge is available here.

As a physics Nobel laureate with small talk successful

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And physics Nobel laureate Richard P. Feynman made small talk on a very simple principle: with genuine interest. He asked if he did not understand something. So writes ours author Cornelia Topf:

Feynman had no idea. But an almost limitless interest. When a salon lioness got excited about the new Beluga harvest, Feynman's first thought was that of every small talk greenhorn: “Oh God! Who cares about Beluga! I am a physicist! I don't even know what Beluga is! ” But his second thought was: “You don't understand that? Then let me explain it to you! ” And he said: "Sorry: why isn't the new Beluga harvest good?" #

Fear of Small Talk: Because we want to be loved

Cornelia Topf wrote a lot more about small talk in her series – for example, about why the idea of ​​being with complete strangers People having to speak triggers so many fears in people like the marketeer mentioned at the beginning.

Namely because we all want to be loved and are afraid of embarrassing ourselves, especially if we don't know the person we're talking to. Maybe because one or the other is under pressure, now absolutely something merchandise to have to. And, as is well known, pressure leads to discomfort instead of relaxation.

Inhibitions can be expensive

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As Oliver Schumacher's text about the Success of networking on sales shows, escapements can be really expensive. Because people buy from people. And Schumacher also reports from his training sessions that people Contact Avoid interacting with other people for fear of rejection.

This can be expensive, says Schumacher: For selling is not about booting, but about the interest in the opposite, as Schumacher writes:

That's why it's elementary, not with the attitude “I want something merchandise - let's see who I can sell something to today! " going to events, but with the mindset "Let's see which 5 interesting people I will meet today."

What it really is

Exactly here lies however a widespread error, with which also Cornelia Topf aufräu financing wants: Contrary to what many people think, small talk is not just about babbling about something. On the contrary, this often leads to looking around Head to talk and collar and is perceived as extremely unsympathetic.

It is much more important to listen, to respond to others and to show genuine interest. Because that's the only way Trust between people. This is probably where the rub lies: many people ask themselves why what the other person is saying should be of any interest at all.

SmallTalk at a glance

According to Topf, empathy can be learned very easily by dealing with open Eyes and ears through the Welt goes. Here is an overview of yours Small-Talk Series.

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