There are as many definitions of success as there are ways there. It always counts Personality of the individual, their willingness to Set to sit down and work. This is exactly the prerequisite for turning dreams into reality.

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"I have a dream ..."

When it comes to bringing a vision to life, hardly a quote is used as often as that of Martin Luther King. "I have a dream…"

Even today, many people have a vision, a great goal, or sometimes even a small desire. What is the prerequisite for this dream to come true?

5 tips to realize dreams and achieve goals

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If you want to realize your dreams and achieve your goals, then these 5 tips can help:

1. The NOW decides

The key question is: What do I want more than anything else? Only then can the next step take place, now. Not tomorrow or later. NOW, for that is the only moment that counts. I have TODAY a dream!

2. Signs of success

Dreams show us the way to success. There is not always and automatically a connection between the quantity and quality of the work and the result. No matter how hard some people work or are better than everyone else, they still don't succeed. Another's success is attributed only to luck, although that factor is not decisive either. Whether a human successfully is or just about to make ends meet, decide three causes:

3. The definition of success?

If you ask two people about their very personal Definition of success, there will most likely be two completely different answers. Means success for one as large and as possible clear setting visible signs (e.g. an expensive car), the other also appreciates small things as success: being satisfied with oneself or treating others with respect. Just as everyone has different roots, views and goals, the definition of success is also individual.

4. Necessary efforts

In Duden, the explanation for success is summarized as follows: “a positive result of an effort; Occurrence of an intended, striven for Effect”. We as individuals should therefore make an effort to achieve a good result. Is correct: Performance belongs to it. It is necessary to put up with efforts. But as we all know, luck rewards the brave!

5. Dreams as a prelude

Our efforts and results are preceded by desires and dreams, which we concretize into goals. We set ourselves a part of our goals. Another part is given to us - for example by Executive. If we achieve the desired effect, that is a success - for us, our boss and maybe also for our conversation partners, customers or our families.

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