Robert I. Sutton, Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business, radically spells it out: “Managing creativity ultimately means everything we know about good management on the Head deliver."


Take more chance!

Eddie Obeng, Founder one of the first virtual Business Schools worldwide, complained that regulated processes with clear subordination and decision-making structures no longer allowed coincidences. Instead of "treating yourself" with something surprising, you invest a lot over the years Energy in predictions that are already outdated at the time of publication.

Ulf Pillkahn, Key Expert for Strategy, Innovation and Foresight from Siemens AG, goes a step further. He wants to reactivate the random and suggests promoting innovations by drawing lots. This saves you the pointless procedure of assessing opportunities according to classic project logic, which suggests a clear result.

Innovation needs space without justification

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No decision-maker, no translator, no ideas-maker have to justify themselves for the work on a new topic, for the time spent or for the failure. Because alone the chance decides what is followed.

They create another space free of justification People even if they network outside of the company - often in their free time - and with the help of virtual forms of collaboration on creative Solution more difficult Problems tinker. InnoCentive is one such platform where organizations can post problems that others then solve for them.

Irritating reality

The radicalism may irritate. And as he wrote in his book “Weird Ideas That Work” writes, wants Robert I. Sutton, with radical ideas ­awareness irritate.

“After all, unusual, even weird leadership principles are more exciting and more memorable than bland, conventional recipes. It means betting on ideas without paying attention to the return. It means ignoring what has worked so far. It means bringing happy people together and turning them into Streit to entangle. It means, Candidate set that give you a bad feeling in your stomach. And Employeeswho do not want to listen, though customers who make suggestions to them should be praised and promoted.”

What are Contraintuitive Ideas?

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But there is another important point for him. The ideas he cites are called contraindications. That is obvious: if Company If they really want the new, they have to do things that are in contradiction to the known.

One could now ask: Doesn't counterintuition exclude feeling? We have experienced exactly the opposite in our research and practice. Counterintuitive is usually understood as “contrary to common sense” – we think it is more appropriate: “contrary to trained common sense”.

Contrary to common sense - 5 examples

We do not mean rationalization with contraintuition. But an attitude that resists the first reflex, the standard reaction, the usual assessment, the quick conclusion.

Some examples of counterintuitive ideas are:

  1. an entrepreneur of the automotive supply industry, who has broken the departmental logic and paid his temporary workers on a tariff and better than their employees;
  2. a hotelier who invests half of his working time in the training of employees of his hotels and resorts;
  3. a consultancy firm in which the employees themselves determine their salary;
  4. the founder of a drugstore group with 40 000 employees, who do not use internal cost accounting;
  5. a furniture manufacturer who chooses his own customers and who are second to the furniture and people.

How do contraintive ideas arise?

Most of these people have felt in the course of their work that there is also an obvious one Alternatives gives. Innovation requires counter-intuitive action. Something new can only emerge from traditionally managed structures if they are disregarded or ignored. Let's summarize:

  1. Pattern breakers don't like “fish fingers”. You have lost faith in innovation management.
  2. Pattern breakers create spaces without justification. These spaces evade the logic of the organization and give people the freedom to try things out safely.
  3. Pattern breakers give chance a chance. He is superior to a selection of ideas according to purely rational criteria.
  4. Pattern breakers have the courage to lead a contraceptive feeling.
  5. Pattern breakers form a strong counterbalance to rational organizational logic.

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