The software for Skype was originally developed in the Estonian capital of Tallinn. Today we work there on five floors People from different nations together. The Concept: An open Office , for constant exchange. Even General Manager Andrus Järg works like this. There is also a sauna.


The stereotype of the hip IT company

Inside, the Skype office corresponds roughly to the cliché that one hears about hip IT-Corporate has: colorful furniture, modern furnishings, hip quiet corners. From the outside, however, the building looks rather inconspicuous:

It is located in Tallinn, a little outside of the city center near the university, in the middle of a prefabricated housing estate. If it weren't for the large Skype logo adorning the top of the gray building, you wouldn't look at the Idea come that one of the world's most famous companies is located here.

Best of HR –®

Photos - with restrictions

After all, you can take photos – unlike, for example, Google last year. There are three Regulate when taking photos: no screens on which something can be seen, no boards and no paper. You have to ask the people in the pictures. I also had to have the texts approved first – that's part of Microsoft's policy.

The concept is an open office – the Employees can constantly communicate with each other all the time. The same applies to hers Executive.


Concept open office

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The impressive thing about Andrus Järg, the general manager of Skype Estonia, is that he also likes to work in the open office - in the midst of his employees.

As he says, this is because he likes to communicate with others all the time when working - for example, when his concentration lags.


Meeting in the sauna - with WLAN

In addition to the typical-chilled resting corners and a kitchen with free, healthy food, there is also a sauna. And with WLAN, if one wants to hold meetings here. A cultural specialty in cold Estonia.

And no, the Estonians do not go naked in the public sauna, but in the bathing suit / swimsuit. After all, you do not have to admire his colleagues in the costume of Adam. And you can also complete the sauna area and then be completely undisturbed. After all. However, the sauna is not used very much, they tell me on demand. Maybe that's too private for the employees?


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