Hannes returns to his Workplace return. The management has just drawn up a new mission statement. But what does that actually mean exactly?

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New mission statement - and now?

He spent the past two days in a pleasant seminar hotel in a retreat workshop. Participants were the members of the management. They had gotten out of the hustle Everyday life withdrawn to develop a new mission statement.

That was also badly needed after the Corporate had changed significantly: outsourcing of production and strengthening of the two core competencies 'sales and Marketing'. That sounds good, Hannes is aware of that. Ultimately, however, it means that a large part of the business today is done in the Far East. Here there are only administrative positions such as personnel, Finance and just the marketing settled.

The mission statement

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In the future, five new guidelines will clearly, unambiguously and unmistakably show what is important to the company:

  1. Our employees are the most important asset.
  2. Our customers are our focus.
  3. We take our social responsibility confidently.
  4. Our finances are on good terms.
  5. Our development serves our progress and takes place continuously.

This is the result of the two days. Now it's about texts to Implementation of the guiding principles in order to discuss and approve them in a new workshop. Each member of the executive board received a sentence and has to present a text proposal by the end of next week. "Our customers are our focus” was democratically assigned to Hannes.

The customer is our focus

He is aware that he has once again made the most unpleasant sentence. He goes into contemplation: “For years, services have been reduced, prices increased, the product range reduced, personal contacts replaced by a web info box and interns in an outsourced call center in Ireland.

And now he should make it clear to customers with a few sentences that they are being served better than ever.” Well….it's not up to him to be philosophical Ask to put it, he's in the same boat. The company is under pressure and he inevitably has to keep up.

To make tangible the concrete customer benefit

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“Our customers are our focus”. How can you make this sentence more concrete forms? Hannes thinks in terms of customer benefits. "With our new, compact product range, you always have an overview and save time working through a confusing range".

It could go in this direction. "With our new web info box, you can address your concerns to us at any time - even in the middle of the night." That is definitely progress. Just think, in the middle of the night he Customer a thought, gropes for the smartphone on the bedside table, types in the request and goes back to sleep. He no longer has to take office hours into account.

In addition, he has a few days after entering it himself Solutions to look for it, because the standardized 72 hours will surely pass before someone from the company finally gets in touch. This brings Hannes to the next sentence: “Through klare Standards in the response times allow you to be precise in your day-to-day work to plan”. In plain language, this means that nothing works at all for three days. But since this is clear from the beginning, nobody expects anything beforehand.

The price increase

Now the reason for the price increase of the past two years is still missing. "Thanks to a market-oriented price structure, you benefit from a transparent benchmark with our competitors." That sounds good. You do not know what sets you apart from the competition, but you do not have to discuss the price anymore because it is the same and agreed anyway. You just don't have to say it.

The mission statement is slowly filling up with content. Hannes convinced himself: "It is important that a mission statement does not remain a paper tiger, but is lived in everyday life thanks to concrete customer benefits and is experienced positively by the customer". He is glad that he has created an effective benefit ...

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