What tips should introverts take? A tip in advance: It is important that you only try out what suits you, which feels natural and genuine.


Do introverts have to change?

The ambiverts demonstrate to us how valuable it is when you can understand both sides. The question of your own introversion or extraversion simply helps you to get to know yourself better and thus more easily authentic to be able to act.

A question I'm often asked: can introverts People change if they want to? My counter question is: Why should they? And I think it's safe to assume that introversion can't be changed. Why should you constantly trade against your preferences? I don't think so healthy.

Do only what is good for you!

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Of course, to a certain extent, less favored behaviors can be well realized, that's just normal. Otherwise, hardly anyone would get up early and go to work, would they?

See for yourself what feels real to you and when you are pretending to be. I would leave the latter! Instead, you can do all of them Set track well even with quiet means.

Introversion - a problem for people in communication professions?

This text is primarily aimed at people who work in professions that involve a lot of communication. It offers a few reflections and, most importantly, lots of specific pointers to get authentic here successfully to be able to be

Personally, I would like introverts not to use introversion as an excuse, but (just like all people) to become aware of their strengths and their own weaknesses stand calmly.

Can and should one change his behavior?

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At the moment of trying it out act new behavior is always strange and strange, you have to take your time and give it a chance. You can do your best afterwards decidewhat suits you.

In my experience, it helps many quiet people to realize that some things are just normal for you and that you can Future just take it easy.

Break out into rousing small talk?

An example: I was recently at a seminar as a participant. Do you know this queasy situation when you meet the (revered) course leader and the other participants for the first time at the seminar location?

In the past, I had been trying hard to lead a stirring little talk (for which I was about as much as a hedgehog as a toilet paper), or make me somehow useful, only to be visible.

Better: Just wait and see!

Today I just wait for a while, take my time, empathize and observe a moment. Then at some point there is a very pleasant small talk and everything is good. The "trick" here is simply the serenity to accept my "special features" in a friendly manner.

Techniques and tools are not always required, sometimes it is simply enough to know a little more about yourself and to accept some things calmly. For me, that too is a “quiet Revolution".

Tips for Executives

Anyone who has thought about the topic for a few minutes can no longer wish “that everyone would be equally involved in the discussion” or that everyone Employees equally celebrate at the conference in the evening to demonstrate their cohesion. Also for Executives So I have a few tips:

This way, bosses and teams benefit from introverts

Equal treatment soon seems to be no longer ideal and so will be for both you and Executive as well as for the executives everything easier. In return for this extra effort, you will otherwise benefit from the cooperation:

The mixture depends

Incidentally, before a false impression arises: I find extraverted people also not bad, Oh no, quite the contrary! This is a misunderstanding which sometimes arises and I always regret it very much. Extraverts are wonderful and precious.

At work as in privacy it's unbeatable when you're dealing with a lot of different people. That makes everything easier and more pleasant. My concern is that people dare authenticity and stand by themselves. According to my introverted perception, the extraverts find it a bit easier with this and that is why I specifically address my quiet fellow human beings.

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