Probably all of us know them: The difficult contemporaries who are constantly looking for the hair in the soup, vehemently demand an extra sausage or a harmless one Conversation become a drama queen. Whenever we look at such customers, colleagues or Employees meet, conversations become difficult and one Konflikt wants to be solved as confidently as possible. What to do?

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The sand grain in the transmission

I am for sure, that when you read the last few lines you will immediately see one or the other face out of your Everyday life before the spiritual Eye had. That one employee who never does what they're told. The colleague who is so happy to delegate the work to others. Or this one, very special customer who almost always finds a reason for complaint.

But Hand straight to the heart, dear reader: how capable of conflict are you anyway? How easy Do you like to have difficult conversations, do your employees like to negative decision to communicate or to solve a tricky customer complaint elegantly?

No conflict is also no solution

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If you've hesitated a little right now, you're in good spirits Society, because very few Executives in German Company deal with difficult situations very confidently.

But why is dealing with conflicts such a big issue? Why do so many entrepreneurs, executives and managers shy away from conducting seemingly difficult conversations, and instead prefer a cuddly course, which postpones the conflict in the short term, but in the long term usually makes it even bigger?

Chefs on cuddly course

On the one hand, there is a great need for harmony on the part of many bosses who simply like to have “a good mood” in the Team have. And on the other hand, unconscious beliefs such as "I have to please everyone" or "if INo"Say, then my interlocutor doesn't like me anymore" plays a very important role.

Such beliefs, however, are a bad guide, since they lead from the outset to an avoidance strategy and therefore in no case to a solution.

Conflict resolution according to scheme F

The handling of potential conflict situations then also usually takes place according to two rough schemas: Either the management is cleverly avoiding any difficult situation and makes almost no decision.

Or she does the complete opposite and uses pressure, Anxiety and the power of position as the number one leadership tool. However, the results are the same in both cases: Insecure employees, no reliability and a very low one Motivation.

Every conversation is always as difficult as you can make it

The following applies: every conversation is only as difficult as you make it yourself. But what is the solution now? Which Methods and ways is there to keep cool even in difficult situations Head to preserve and to arrive at a sustainable solution?

The fear of conflict is not only unfounded, but can be transformed into a constructive communication strategy with simple means. All horror scenarios are played out exclusively in our heads, and are repeated there in a beautiful regularity large, colorful and rich in detail in a kind of loop.

The inner attitude helps in dealing with conflicts

The basis for successfully dealing with conflicts is the right inner attitude. The difference between successful and unsuccessful People let yourself clear forms: It is the inner attitude.

The inner attitude towards a task or a Objective approach. A successful one leaders, who has internalized such an attitude assumes every second of his actions that everything will happen exactly as he wants it to. At the same time, he is free from doubts that something could go wrong. He focuses exclusively on his goal and the desired result.

The inner attitude makes the difference

your attitude shapes your actions and habits. And the results of your behaviors influence and in turn reinforce the attitude and its individual components.

Your posture enables you to be both congruent and authentic to communicate. This leads to a dramatically higher quality of decisions and thus to a sovereign handling of difficult people.

What is the inner attitude

But what exactly is your inner attitude? It is the sum of your values, beliefs, your Reset and above all your personality. It's how you respond to life's challenges. And it's unique Combination certain properties.

People with positive inner attitudes focus to Solutions and not up Problems. You take full responsibility for your life and your results at all times.

The big breakthrough

Whenever you are right before a conversation, a negotiation or a difficult situation Respect then you are about to make a major breakthrough. Then act particularly bravely and actively.

The more experience you have, the easier these situations will fall over time. Try it, soon you will become a specialist for conflict management with the always appropriate attitude and difficult conversations.

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