Growth mindset means a flexible attitude that allows you to be open to new things. In contrast, the Fixed Mindset is that People sticking to traditional thought patterns. Our educational system promotes the latter in particular. How does that work? Job Search alla Growth Mindset nevertheless?

Bicycle courier in New York

Fixed Mindset: We will definitely find a job!

Some time ago I tried the advantages of job hunting and students at a German university Networking communicate via social media. Only this time, the audience was not budding journalists, but economists. Also a group of graduates who might soon be able to hire bike couriers?

My students' enthusiasm for social media left a lot to be desired, to say the least. To Facebook one could just about get through oneself. Most found Twitter quite interesting – let's see, so the unanimous Opinions. But blogging, so the objection, simply lacks the time. And anyway, that's more for journalists.

Arrogance from uncertainty?

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But what really blew my mind was the unanimous opinion that we were studying economics. We'll definitely find a job there and don't need that stuff! It may be that, as a humanities scholar, you give your all Study throughout is aware that it will be hard afterwards, can only dream of such self-confidence.

Or should one rather speak of unrealistic arrogance? Not infrequently uncertainty and arrogance are closely related. And in fact, it shows that the students are well aware that their situation may not be that great either:

Scientists driving the taxi, BWLer become bicyclecuriers?

I once asked how they came to their previous jobs. One participant reported it first with a normal one Application to have tried - and failed. It was only in the second attempt that she came to her internship via vitamin B. Quite normal in this one Company she said resignedly.

Humanities scholars always say that they can only become taxi drivers. Maybe they'll tell you soon, they'll become bicycle couriers? Well, it does not have to be that bad - in both cases.

Fixed Mindset: Victim of the Pig Cycle?

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But the student's experience already coincides with what Svenja Hofert once wrote in her blog: namely that business administration students will be the next victims of the pig cycle. A subject that was studied by many who didn't want to be as stupid and precarious as humanities scholars - and who may end up doing even worse.

“Quite a few still don't have a permanent job a year after graduation. Many, straight Women, also work as “secretary plus”, i.e. assistant. Then again, there is a lot of temp and clerical-level employment.”

Classic business studies fall away

Hofert also mentions the reasons: There are hardly any older business economists who will be dismissed in the next few years. Employee and student numbers continue to rise - with steady to falling demand.

Because: classic business administration areas such as Marketing or human resources are changing radically, thanks to social media and Internet more and more technical: Therefore, companies prefer to look for people who have the technology and Economy as an additional qualification instead of after business studies.

Students are inflexible

Hofert complains that the students are inflexible and

"For example, strive for the popular product manager positions in corporations where there is less and less - instead of building up an interesting professional profile."

However, you have to admit that it is not easy in Germany in particular to reorient yourself professionally. Too often you come across the fixed mindset, which means too often job changers encounter a lot of prejudices of straightforward careerists.

Lack of flexibility with the fixed mindset

Incidentally, I was also able to determine this lack of flexibility in my students: They preferred that hands put it on your lap than become active yourself. Because: because potential employers can find job seekers through their own web presence I aufmerksam could be, nobody believed anyway. Motto: "It's useless, so I'd rather leave it alone!"

Very innovative, the students of today.

10 tips for finding a job with Growth Mindset

That's why many people find it easier to ride even a dead horse in the Fiexd mindset than to focus on lifelong ones Things to Learn, rethink and thus letting growth mindset in. 10 tips on how to do it anyway!

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