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{Event} European leading HR trade fair Zukunft Personal Europe: Agility Digitization Innovation

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Agility, digitization, innovation - terms that drive the business and working world and that also apply to the European HR-Leading fair Zukunft Personal Europe in Cologne from 11.-13. September play an important role.

{Event} European leading HR trade fair Zukunft Personal Europe: Agility Digitization Innovation

Important for the working world of the future

These are the important questions for the working world of the future: constant adaptation to new conditions, the emergence of new forms of cooperation and not least the cooperation between robotics, artificial intelligence and humans.

In short: Society, business and the world of work are in a continuous “beta status” in which products, ways of thinking and working methods are tested, adapted, rejected and revolutionized.

About the future Personal Europe

The future Personal Europe, as a source of inspiration around the world of work, gives practical options for the positive shaping of change under the motto “work: olution - succeed in permanent beta” with over 770 exhibitors and more than 450 top-class speakers.

This year's topics include Recruiting Technologies, Female Shift, Innovation Culture, Entrepreneurship, VUCA, Cognitive Systems, Digital Learning Trends, Remote Work, Corporate Health and Digital WHM.

“Working out Loud” pioneer John Stepper is keynote speaker

The American John Stepper gives practical tips for success in permanent beta in his keynote on the first day of the fair. Stepper is considered the founder of the “Working out Loud” (WOL) movement, in which transparent, open collaboration in interdisciplinary networks within a company is the key qualification in a networked work environment.

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WOL urges to continuously improve work results through discussion in interdisciplinary groups. Objective This grassroots movement is to unleash the full potential of the community and facilitate company-wide knowledge transfer.

Find, bind and develop employees in permanent beta

The WOL principle revolutionizes the idea of ​​collaboration. But how do you shape and lead such agile teams? How do you measure success? How do you motivate employees to get involved and enjoy life-long learning?

Behind the answers to these questions hides another crucial success in times of permanent beta: Just like Companies Today, employees are also required to adapt to the constantly changing demands of the world of work. That means opportunities and challenges for all areas of HR work: from recruiting to Further Training, the Motivation, Guide and employee health.

With digital learning technologies, companies can effectively develop their employees and teams and make them fit for permanent beta again and again. Especially in relation to the Skills shortage This creates a valuable competitive advantage that takes on the strategically important role of HR as a business partner. The trade visitors in Cologne will find out how the digital learning experience can be designed successfully.

Chief Digital Officer - Interface to Human Relations?

Many companies focus on digital transformation and the constant development of new digital business models. The digital revolution has also created a new position in management: more and more corporations are appointing their own Chief Digital Officer, or CDO for short, to take on the mega-trend of digitization.

But what are the most important levers for shaping digital change with the CDO and where are the interfaces to human relations? At the Zukunft Personal Europe, keynote speakers Dirk Müller, CIO of Franz Haniel and Cie. and CEO of the digital unit Schacht One, and Heidi Moser, Head of HR at Ratioform Verpackungen GmbH.

Europe's largest HR startup hub and who's who of the HR blogger scene

Numerous young entrepreneurs face the challenges of the modern working world and develop new technologies, recruiting channels and working methods: In the Startup Village, the 'Silicon Valley' of the future Personal Europe, 100 young companies show new products and services directly at first hand. At the Startup Stage they present their solutions in lectures, pitches and numerous interactive formats.

In the immediate vicinity of the startup village is also the Blogger Lounge where the who's who of the international HR blogger scene presents itself. The thought leaders and influencers share their findings and experiences with the trade visitors in interactive sessions. The topics range from active sourcing and data-driven HR to digital mindset and leadership Employer Branding and recruiting.

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  1. Great article in your blog, I'll remember.

  2. Nice that you are also on the future staff. Maybe we see us!

    1. Simone Janson

      With pleasure. I am always happy to meet readers. Ticket is on the way.

  3. I would like to participate in your raffle, even if I find the Buzzword Bingo somewhat questionable. Agility is also such a hip fashion slogan, with which such an event believes to have to adorn.

    1. Simone Janson

      Gladly, ticket is on the way.

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