Workaholism is in ours Society widespread. The Problem is that this drug is society's highest recognition enjoy. But contrary to what many bosses think, these workhorses are not an asset to companies.

Workaholism: No gain for companies

Why do so many people cling to work addiction?

The main reason that despite many obvious disadvantages is still so many People holding on to their workaholism like a piece of clothing they have grown fond of is his social standing.

Most perfectionistic behaviors have positive connotations in modern everyday working life. Traits such as ambition, ambition, fighting spirit, sense of order or organizational skills are considered excellent qualities for making a career. Because no prize can be achieved without hard work, right? Above all, these people give the impression of being particularly productive and therefore appear to be the ideal achievers. After all, if you always give 200 percent, you have to successfully be - right? Are perfectionists the born successful people who deserve a place in the management floor of the Company for sure is?

Work addiction - the tolerated addiction?


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