In election campaigns, it is generally difficult to say which factors have an impact on the political Success have is difficult to say. But here, too, the law of cause and effect applies Effect.

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Germany in prosperity

Even if we don't always understand where the connection between cause and effect lies, it is undeniably there. It is not for nothing that we repeatedly refer to well-known proverbs such as "We reap what we sow" or "The way you call into the forest, so it resounds".

What should be changed in Germany? Small things, yes, but basically we are doing very well in almost all areas. Geographically, the country is in a zone that is spared from major natural disasters.

The downside of the medal

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But economically and socially, things are not going badly. For example, a large part of the population has work. In addition, it is both boys and girls allowed to go to school. Obviously, those who benefit from it do not want to change the country and the policies that work for them.

However, what about the demographic for which things look different? The hardly to none Perspektive have and fight for their existence every day? Even have to fear for their existence? Exactly these People are the target group of the smaller parties. And so they can do the big ones too Anxiety infuse Because as in the TV duel of the chancellor candidates clear could follow, was not much to hear about their change approaches or even - will.

Election campaign becomes “election spasm”

What an election campaign should have been has turned into empty words. The politicians and moderators met on September 03rd, probably in line with the motto "like and like to join".

Far from an election campaign, the talk was unengrossing on a small range of issues. The big politicians are in the position to provide the impetus for change .

Small parties show themselves openly

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A completely different view was found in the TV debate of the smaller parties. Different opinions, worldviews, characters collided. No one took a paper over his mouth. It was debated and discussed. Just as it is the case every day on Germany's roads. Finally, tension comes into play!

Not only what was said was planned, but also when. The timing of the TV debates was, of course, no coincidence. The duel with the top candidates was shown on 4 channels at the end of the season and also announced in advance. To get nothing out of it was almost impossible. Whether before the announcements, or afterwards through the heated discussions about the seen. The second case, however, was quite different. The debate on the following evening was more likely. Many came to the press only the next day.

cause and effect

Our action is a simple response to that Strategies the media. Whether it's the reporting afterwards or the multiple announcements beforehand. The result remains the same: we take a closer look at the parties.

The politicians and the people behind them. Your opinions and campaign promises. In short, we deal with the content shown. As citizens of a democracy, it is both our right and ours mandatory, to do that.

The true winner

Analysts have already disassociated themselves, but no winner of the election campaign can be named, but clearly in the debates. For many still as a moderator of the political magazine Monitor known, Sonia Mikich in the second duel shine.

through targeted Ask and a balanced discussion, she offered the viewer what was only a wish in the big TV duel: an exciting exchange of blows.

The key to success is the degree of efficiency

Whether human or TV format - supposed winners can fast turn out to be the opposite. Sometimes the cause is not always the same as the effect. It's the efficiency between these two factors that makes the difference in the end.

A small cause can also have a big effect or vice versa. Whether as a politician, moderator or in our daily work. Success comes - with the right degree of efficiency.

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