The online presence shows your own Company, acts as a contact point for the customers and interested parties, as a communication and contact platform and representative office Brand. Therefore, the web host should be well chosen. 4 criteria for selection.

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1. Individual requirements

In the present, the own website plays for the Business a central role. Customers search specifically on the web and want their wishes to be fulfilled fast and find it at the push of a button.

But the quality and performance of the website stand and fall with the web hosting provider and the tailor-made variant of the web hosting. Wrong decisions can Success jeopardize the website. This has an impact on business operations and has a direct impact on profits. The first step to an optimal web presence is not just about getting offers and comparing the usual market variants. It is about knowing the individual requirements for web hosting. In doing so, the following Ask Orientation Offer.

2. From which countries do these come?

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You either ask directly for offers or look for appropriate hosting packages that are tailored to your own business requirements. The large and well-known providers always have a comprehensive selection ready, but even small and regional service companies can sometimes rely on them needs received.

An example of a large web hosting provider would be This holds four different packages for beginners to large companies. Beginners have it special light. The "starter package" for 2,37 euros per month includes 25 gigabytes of storage volume, the one-time provision fee is around 14,00 euros (as of June 2017). In addition, the offers for medium and large companies are explained in detail.

3. Webhosting variants in duplicate

Basically, there are two different variants for web hosting, which most hosters provide. Below these two types, different performance classes are divided, which vary greatly from provider to provider. Thus, an individual comparison of packages useful.

  1. Shared Webhosting: The shared hosting provides an optimal and cost-effective solution for entrepreneurs in small and medium-sized business. The modern shared webspace packages offer a lot of storage space combined with sufficient bandwidth, which meets the requirements of small and medium-sized websites. However, the customer does not have their own exclusive server access here and must share the hardware resources with other users. Although the monthly costs are low, on the other hand it can quickly lead to an overload of the site. This will have a negative impact on all web pages on this server.
  2. Dedicated Webhosting: The Dedicated Webhosting is considered the optimal type for medium-sized and large companies. The modern web hosting servers are offered in a wide variety of categories, they meet the highest requirements of demanding and large websites. This variant is particularly suitable for large online companies that have numerous users on their pages. The companies receive the exclusive right to use the entire server. All technical resources from bandwidth to storage space are only available for your own company without restriction, which enables a high degree of customization. However, this convenience has its price, which is significantly higher than that for shared hosting. Furthermore, the company using it must think about how the server should be administered. If you have enough specialist knowledge yourself, you can do it yourself. Alternatively, the web hosting provider takes over the administration, which of course incurs costs.

4. Location is important

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The location plays at the Choice of the web hosting provider plays an essential role. Even in the digital age, phone calls might or might not be personal Contact become fundamental in certain situations without a language barrier.

A short transfer path for the data brings additional advantages. If, for example, you want to approach visitors from Germany with their content, you should use a German webhosting.

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