When People If you want to present yourself well, you tend to whitewash things or even to paint them lügen. But the shot usually backfires.

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Diplomacy in marketing

A popular negotiation tactic is to make a very good offer first in order to accommodate the other party. Once the other person has taken the bait and shows interest, they row back step by step. who believes customers fall for it, but in the long run they steer themselves out of the game.

Such an unpleasant situation has happened to me twice in the last few weeks: First with my moving company, who were simply cheeky more on the day of the move Money demanded when it was agreed, and then with one Corporate, which me with excellent prices for Advertising baited, but then suddenly reduced it by a third.

The scam was always the same: First make a particularly great, particularly cheap offer - and the rabbit's foot followed immediately. How I as Customer felt about it? Fooled - to it all clear accept.

Bad offers of uncertainty

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If I then look at the situation from the other side Perspektive as an entrepreneur, things look a little different. Due to personal insecurity and poor financial security, small self-employed and sole proprietors in particular are inclined to make offers with which they are not really satisfied are.

Or they misjudge the effort for one thing - mostly from lack of experience. Incidentally, the fact that there are more and more sole proprietors competing against each other makes the situation in this case no easier.

The direct route to disagreements

Yet orders under value too sell is the direct way to discrepancies, because in the end nobody is really satisfied: the entrepreneur not with the fee and the customer not with the Performance. The shot backfires.

And then you get angry. But often the customer is also annoyed because he senses the dissatisfaction of the provider or - which often happens - the order is not carried out the way he wants. There is more behind it unconsciously: Other people feel it weaknesses, which also leads to a loss of trust.

Dissatisfied customers and legal consequences

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The seemingly diplomatic tactic designed to help Problems avoiding it leads directly to the opposite effect. Because the attempt to foist something on the customer because you don't dare to say what you want right away is often perceived by the customer as a grandiose prank.

And, of course, he passes this on to others, of course! Because dissatisfied customers carry this dissatisfaction on and on - which one can not say about satisfied customers. In addition, it is legally questionable if, as in the case of my removal business, a contract is broken.

Case study Jan Hegenberg

The musician Jan Hegenberg, for example, has stated this and reports about it in the Interview: Since the free download of his music worked well, Hegenberg wanted to take advantage of this and make some money with his music to earn. Therefore, he cut short pieces of advertising in front of his pieces of music.

But the fans felt hugged. So Hegenberg said: "Then you just have to pay for the downloads" - and to his surprise, the fans accepted without complaint. Hegenberg's conclusion: Better say what you want right away.

It's about trust

Because in this way the customer can equal decidewhether he accepts or rejects. There are no nasty surprises and the customer builds long-term trust in the dealer.

What also counts here is the clear, self-confident statement: Anyone who goes to his Opinions stands, is also respected for it. Finally, a happy customer will also do word of mouth, but this time positive – the best advertising you can imagine!

Say what you want

Therefore, the best tactic in my opinion and experience is to be clear from the beginning what you want and what not in relationships with customers as well as in any other interpersonal relationship.

Surely that upsets some people Headwho then get mad and jump off. But in this way you always win the customers, employees and people who fit exactly to your work and attitude. And who are then also satisfied with the result. Try it!

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