Dress code is a difficult topic: if you are dressed casually, you are accepted fast as careless, but if you look too correct, it's easy to be uncool these days. Apart from that, each group has its own dress code. An overview.

Dresscode fashion Effect in everyday work: Is casual clothing more authentic?

Authenticity or skilful staging?

Some time ago at the re:publica: nice people, everything cool, easy-going, casual. Only one thing irritated me: There really wasn't one Business-Dress code – but then somehow: An underdress code!

You know that at certain events everyone walks around with a tie and collar and you feel like the well-known colorful dog if you don't meet the dress code. It was exactly the same at re: publica, only the other way around: everyone was walking around in a relaxed manner. You can find that nice now because people act as they are in their private lives, quite authentically.

Beware of manipulation

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But it must not hide the fact that it is, just for Companys is also a business event. Therefore, the casual is just a dress code - a kind of underdress code! Casual dress code at the re: publica is just a coherent staging - also because the few panty braces fell out of the frame as particularly bourgeois. Although I personally find ties and suits more authentic at a business event ...

My thought also fitted in well with this when I Lecture by Miriam Meckel: When the speaker set up, I spontaneously thought: "Which student is coming now?" and was then positively surprised that it was Miriam Meckel. From the distance and with her jeans and shaks, she just looked like a student - and many may have found that cool, I think that's exactly a skilful staging of authenticity - apart from the fact that the lecture was really worth seeing.

Does dress code have to be boring?

But does business fashion really have to be boring? Not everyone is running around in a job wearing a suit or costume - if you look around in other countries, for example, you will find that office clothes have to be anything but boring. In Dubai, for example, the sheikhs also wear their traditional costume at the business meeting - the local business fashion. Incidentally, I find African business fashion even more interesting, as I was allowed to examine it at some conferences of the UN: Colorful, colorful - and not boring at all.

Or to use the words of Dita von Teese in her book “Beauty & Glamor: My secret for
extraordinary beauty ”(published by MVG 2017) to say:

So you're telling me that Marilyn Monroe, Hedy Lamarr or Rita Hayworth got it wrong? I think they did their job just right. Through the magic of her beauty and with the help of some quite extreme for the time Measures they turned from ordinary mortals into real goddesses. No one would ever see me in a threadbare dress or jogging pants—not even Alistair, my cat. A rustling satin dressing gown is for little Money found on Etsy or in VintageShops and will set you in the right mood for a great evening... or morning. Beauty, glamor and even luxury do not depend on the bank balance. Real luxury is using the silk dress or the fine teacups every day. I'd rather wear a thrift dress or a bright red $5 lipstick than the hottest brand of jeans.

Be authentic: First think about who you are

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In the end, it's probably about something completely different: that everyone does what suits them best. I recently discussed the topic of Twitter with a friend who had published a novel. It was about the question of how to get the novel via Twitter apply could. So we discuss whether it would make more sense to tweet as the author or as one of the characters in the novel, in order to get the reader straight into the book.

Then she made the ultimate statement, I think, on social media Marketing: “I have to think about who I actually am!” Because I think every company and every person who does marketing in any form has to ask themselves the question, and this is particularly true for social media marketing: “Who am I actually?”

The appearance must fit the person

That's the basic requirement, so to speak authentic come across - and authenticity is important to im Job with its appearance successfully to be. This also means that everyone does it differently: With Miram Meckel, it might be the jeans for the presentation that are authentic act and Dita von Teese would don a silk dress in the same spot.

But the crucial thing is: If careless clothing is given, it is again not original and creative, but often simple - careless. And who wants to look sloppy at work?

Be authentic through clothing: ask yourself the following 6 questions

So if you are thinking about how to work best in business, you should consider the following Ask put:

Ultimately, and this is the interesting thing, all statements can be reduced to a single, simple phrase: "I have to think about who I really am!"

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