Studies and a look at social media show: very many People complain about stressful business trips. What can you do to make them more relaxing? 6 tips.

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Trip badly planned - that is what comes out of it

I recently witnessed how stressful a poorly planned trip can end: he showed up for a conference Employees of a company running late due to train delays.

Then it turned out that the hotel he had booked on site was not advisable. He couldn't find another hotel in the area in the company's internal booking system. Good advice was expensive there – and that Stress große.

Stress on business trips - that's what business people complain about

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I have some commuting acquaintances who are regularly on Twitter and Facebook cause amusement because they report on their delayed adventures with Deutsche Bahn - even if the increasingly poor infrastructure would actually be a reason to cry.

The various stressors are also documented by various surveys. Every year, for example, the German Travel Association publishes the Chefsache study Business Travel out. Every year it shows anew what traveling managing directors, specialists and Executives complain about stress on business trips.

What to do against travel stress?

What do you do now against this travel stress? The DRV recommends a professional travel management at this point. I am not entirely convinced of this: Many employees in agencies and travel agencies on the ground, for example, have no idea about public transport. This is even more difficult for the travel manager of a company to survey.

The example above also shows that sometimes just the travel management, so the company-own booking system, can lead to stress. Apart from that, not everyone can Companys to provide a professional travel management; especially small businesses and freelancers are dependent on doing everything themselves.

6 Tips for Relaxed Bussines Travel

  1. Do not save at the wrong end: Avarice is cool, often on business trips. So the cheap hotel is booked at the other end of the city, but the savings will be eaten up by the taxi costs. And anyway the taxi: I also like to save, but if you do not know a place at all and would need hours to get from A to B, then you should also treat yourself to a taxi, simply because it spares the nerves and ultimately makes you more productive.
  2. Car hire and Car2go use: Car hire and Car2go can be a good alternative to the taxi, a system that is now available in many cities. The cars should be equipped with a navigation device.
  3. Prepare yourself well: Especially when planning your own journey, good preparation is obligatory. In each city, for example, the local transport association has a website on which travel and route maps are recorded. You can preview, print or download it. Another option is the Deutsche Bahn website or the corresponding mobile app, which usually also includes local transport. Sometimes the public transport is a bit tricky and you only reach the destination in a roundabout way: If you are looking for train connections in Italy, you should use the website of the Austrian railway, because it contains all the trains, not just the Italian ones.
  4. Pack correctly: Proper preparation also requires proper packing. This already starts with the conscious shopping on the right clothes and utensils, but there are many other tips such as on the go sometimes wash or pack clothes in Zipperbags. Helps definitely.
  5. Come early to the airport: I beg your pardon, waste more time? Yes, because then you can enjoy a certain amount of generosity, which is offered to you at the check-in counter if you arrive four hours earlier instead of two. For example, you then have the free choice of seat and can get a spacious place at the exit or one behind a partition. Maybe even an upgrade to business class is possible. Good space means legroom and thus more relaxed flying. But: You won't be spared from jostling fellow travelers here either.
  6. Lying down on the plane: This tip works only if the aircraft is not fully booked. Lie flat on two or three seats. Especially recommended on Intercontinental flights: You then arrive relatively relaxed to the destination. The upgrade to business class can also be an option here.

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